The be all and end all question, who is the best Apex legend?

The be all and end all question, who is the best Apex legend?
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Joseph Kime


5th May 2021 09:10

As the brand new season of Apex Legends arrives, and with it an exciting new hero in Valkyrie, players are once again considering the game’s meta and changing up their main heroes. It’s a big decision to make, especially if this character is meant to carry you up through the ranks to Masters, or even to become an Apex Predator. And while every player has their favourite and least favourite legends, there’s a few that come out on top when it comes to the game’s raw statistics. So, that leaves the question - which legend is the game’s absolute best?

Who is the best Apex Legend?

And so, with the data collated on each skill bracket’s favourite legend, we finally know who technically comes out in front as the “best” of the bunch. As will come with utter dismay to the leagues of players who detest the character, it seems that the very best Apex players opt to play with Octane above any others. He’s followed closely by Wraith, showing that the highest-tier players seem to favour their manoeuvrability over anything else.

They have a huge lead on the other champions, but Lifeline and Horizon follow, making up 11.2% and 10.9% of Masters players respectively. It looks like the very best Apex champions are all about agility and movement, and the characters who have come out at the very top are icons of speed in the game.

Who Is The Best Apex Legends Character?
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Of course, your skill is not entirely defined by the legend you choose at the start of your Apex Legends games. There are incredible players who main every legend, but if you’ve started to struggle contending with the best in your competitive, lobbies, maybe give Octane or Wraith another chance. Who knows, they might carry you closer to being an Apex Champion than ever before.

Which Apex Legend character is the most popular?

According to Apex Legends statistics website apexlegendsstatus, the most popular legend in the entire game is Octane! The speed demon powers out in front of the competition with 16.1% of all players choosing him, which is especially impressive given that when you first boot up the game, he’s stuck behind a points paywall. He’s far out in front of Bloodhound at 12.8%, and Wraith comes up in third at 11.2%.

Who Is The Best Apex Legends Character?
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Octane’s not just popular in any games, though; he’s the first pick for many players in a myriad of ranks. In all ranks from Silver to Diamond, Octane is still the most popular playable character, with Wraith and Bloodhound once again contending behind him. The only differences to Octane’s reign is Bloodhound making up 14.3% of bronze players, and Wraith dominating in the Masters and Apex Predator ranks, making up a whopping 23% of their players.

Which Apex Legend is the least popular?

Of course, with statistics that find Apex Legends fan’s favourite character, there’s of course the character who’s chosen the least. And across ranks, they’re fairly new characters too.

Masters players leave Revenant and Rampart out in the cold, drawing at the bottom of the heap with only a 0.7% player base. In Diamond and Platinum Rampart stays at the bottom of the pack, but despite her appearance at the bottom twice, she's not the game's least popular character. In all ranks from Bronze to Gold, in unranked play and in Apex Legends as a whole, it’s Wattson who has been played the absolute least, making up only 1.4% of all Apex players globally. The static defender has seemingly seen better days, and has failed to make a lasting impression with Apex Legends’ core fans.

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