How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3

How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3
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24th Oct 2022 17:00

You may want to know how to become a recognised power in Victoria 3 if you have started as one of the nations sullied with the "Unrecognised" tag. Victoria 3 gives you the chance to determine the destiny of a nation of your choice by controlling them from 1836 to 1936. Through careful economic management, diplomatic engagement, and governmental prowess, you can control the very core of your nation, and it's place on the international stage. However, if you're handicapped by beginning as an Unrecognised power, we've got a breakdown of how to become a recognised power in Victoria 3.  

How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3

How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3 rank
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If you begin a game of Victoria 3 as a nation that's not Eurocentric, you'll often be stuck with the "Unrecognised" status, which means you are perceived as inferior and uncivilised by the current Great Powers of the world. This will result in a prestige to your penalty, any Diplomatic Plays targeted against you can have harsher penalties, and your rank will ultimately be restricted. You can check this by selecting your nation's flag in the top left and checking below 'Rank', or by hovering your cursor over your rank itself below the flag. 

Luckily, you are able to change your Unrecognised status and become a recognised power, and if you want your nation to prosper in Victoria 3, it's a good idea. To do this, you will need to make a specific Diplomatic Play against one of the five Great Powers and ultimately win the play, the ensuing war.


How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3 diplomacy
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If you navigate to the 'Diplomatic Lens' button at the bottom of the screen, and then select the 'Diplomatic Plays' tab, you will find an option to "Force Recognition." Selecting this and choosing one of the available nations will put you into a Diplomatic Play against them, where you can choose to accept your demands or the target nation will make their own. During this period, you can also make use of your allies or sway nations who haven't chosen a side, which will ultimately affect the result of the Diplomatic Play. If no country backs down, then eventually it will lead to war between the two sides. 

How To Become A Recognised Power In Victoria 3 countdown to war
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Ideally, you'll only want to demand that a Great Power recognise you if you think you can win the Diplomatic Play, which is aided by having obligations over countries or getting friendly with nations who are rivals or dislike the target. This will allow you to pull them over to your side during the play, which can cause the target to back down and recognise you. If it does lead to war, you'll want to have superior troop numbers or more advanced military technology to ensure a win, and fighting a defensive war rather than an offensive one will make things much easier for you. 

That's all for our explainer on how to become a recognised power in Victoria 3, and now you know how to get rid of the Unrecognised status and climb the ranks further. 

If you want to prosper further after removing your Unrecognised status, check out how to increase Influence in Victoria 3, which is a vital tool for diplomacy. 

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