Victoria 3 Oil Map

Victoria 3 Oil Map
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8th Nov 2022 12:29

Learning the Victoria 3 oil map is a good way of seeking out nations that have oil which can be extracted and exploited for your own nation's benefit. A large aspect of Victoria 3 involves producing goods in your home market to bolster your economy, and as you progress you will more advanced materials to keep producing, which is where oil comes in to play. So if want to see a Victoria 3 oil map and get your hands on the valuable resource, we've got you covered. 

Victoria 3 Oil Map

At the start of a Victoria 3 game, not everyone has access to oil, or even knows how to extract it, but over time as nations advance technologically, oil becomes a key part of production. This means you will need to get your hands on an oil deposit if you want to continue growing and rival the other major powers of the world, as securing trade for oil just won't do. Below, we'll show a map that displays discoverable oil deposits, along with a table that highlights countries and their amount of undiscovered oil.

oil map
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A Reddit user by the name of u/boredman2 created a handy map that shows the various provinces on the game map where oil can be discovered. We've embedded this above. Building Whaling Stations or Oil Rigs in these areas will allow you to make use of the oil reserves and start producing it as a good in your economy. 

Here is a table of the countries with oil.

Country Amount of Oil 
Alberta 50
Azerbaijan 60
Basra 60
California 60
Kuban 30
La Paz 30
Libyan Desert 30
Mosul 50
Nenetsia 30
Oklahoma 20
Ontario 40
Pennsylvania 36
East Borneo 60
East Java 20
Elbe 30
Fars 60
Friesland 30
Hanover 30
Chubu 30
Kansas 20
Rio Grande 50
Samara 30
Santa Cruz 30
Saratov 60
Shanxi 30
Texas 50
Trucial Coast 40
Uralsk 60
Wallachia 60
West Galicia 36
Zulia 60

Now you have an idea of where you can get oil in Victoria 3 thanks to the map and table above. 

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