How To Increase Population In Victoria 3

How To Increase Population In Victoria 3
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28th Oct 2022 17:00

You'll need to know how to increase population in Victoria 3 as the game goes on, because as your country grows, you will need more people to take up the jobs and take part in the economy. Victoria 3 is all about the internal management of your nation, allowing you to control aspects of your economy, population, and government. Many of the mechanics tie into each other, making it a complex procedure to manage your nation. So if you want to know how to increase population in Victoria 3, read on. 

How To Increase Population In Victoria 3 

How To Increase Population In Victoria 3
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Over the course of a Victoria 3 game, your population can grow or reduce in size, which is dependent on a few different factors. There is no straightforward way to grow population, and while for most of the game you likely have a positive increase in population, if you want to increase it, it will take a concerted effort. 

You can access the population information by hovering the population icon at the top of the screen (it looks like two people), and this will present you with your current population, your annual population growth, information on how many are employed, and then a graph that plots the population changes since the start date. 


Population growth is based on your nation's birthrate and mortality. Both of these factors are in turn heavily influenced by the Standard of Living, and are further modified by things like disease, working conditions, and living space. Our how to increase Standard of Living in Victoria 3 guide covers how you can raise this metric, which will have a big effect on your population growth. In short, you will need to make sure all your pops can meet their needs with good wages and welfare, which increases their wealth, and thus their Standard of Living. 

How To Increase Population In Victoria 3 laws
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As mentioned above, mortality is another big factor in increasing your population, and this can be directly influenced through healthcare. If you go to the Health System law group in the Laws tab, you will be able to enact the Charity Hospitals, Private Health Insurance, or Public Health Insurance laws. Enacting any of these will enable the Health System institution, and either Private or Public health Insurance will allow you to put a further two points into it. The Medical Degrees and Pharmaceuticals technologies in the Society tech tree will also let you put in an additional point each. 

How To Increase Population In Victoria 3 health system
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Each level put into the Health System institution provides a flat -5% mortality, maxing out at -25% mortality. This essentially makes it so people are less likely to die, especially when they are younger, meaning more people will be able to have children and grow the population. Enacting Private health Insurance will also decrease mortality, but it scales with health, meaning the lower stratas won't get the benefit. The Public Health Insurance law on the other hand provides a flat -5% to mortality. 

That's all for our primer on how to increase population in Victoria 3, and now you should be able to make choice which contribute toward growing your population.  

Why not also check out how to pass laws in Victoria 3, as you need to make sure one of the interest groups in power endorses a law before it can be enacted. 

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