How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3

How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3
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24th Oct 2022 17:00

You will need to know how to increase Influence in Victoria 3, as it directly affects your relationships with other countries and allows you to make plays on the world stage for the benefit of your nation. Victoria 3 is the latest grand strategy from Paradox, throwing players into the turbulent Industrial Revolution and tasking them with governing a nation through politics, economy, diplomacy, and more. With such a connected world of trade, your Influence over nations will be vital, so check out how to increase Influence in Victoria 3

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How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3

How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3
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Influence is one of the three major Capacities in Victoria 3, which are measures of your country's overall capabilities. The Influence Capacity is mainly used for things outside the realm of your nation, such as making Diplomatic Actions or establishing pacts with other countries. 

Like every other Capacity, you begin with a base value of Influence, but you gain extra output based on your rank. Every country in the game has a rank, which is determined by comparing their Prestige value to all other countries. Prestige is a measure of your overall country, based on GDP, military power projection, and country tier, though you can earn bonuses for it by exploring Arts technologies and being a world leader at producing a market good. 


How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3 rank
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Each rank has a flat Influence increase associated with it, and the higher your rank, the more Influence you gain. Below are the different ranks available, along with the Influence you gain for reaching it:

  • Great Power: +1000 Influence
  • Major Power: +750 Influence
  • Minor Power: +600 Influence
  • Insignificant Power: +500 Influence

There are also Unrecognised versions of each rank, which means they are perceived as inferior to their actual rank, and restricted in what ranks they can achieve, though it doesn't seem to affect Influence gain. 

Aside from the Influence you earn based on your rank, there are some other ways you can earn smaller Influence modifiers. Some ruler traits do this, such as the Diplomat trait which gives +5% Influence. There are also interest group traits which affect your Influence. If the Landowners interest group has +5 happiness, they will activate the Family Ties trait which gives you +10% Influence, while if the Petite Bourgeoisie have -5 happiness, they will activate the Xenophobia trait which gives you -10% Influence. 

How To Increase Influence In Victoria 3 tech
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Finally, there are several technologies on the Society Technology Tree which give you modifiers to Influence. Below, you can find the name of the technology, along with the Influence modifier:

  • Empiricism: +10% Influence
  • Psychiatry: +10% Influence
  • Philosophical Pragmatism: +10% Influence
  • Psychoanalysis: +10% Influence
  • Behaviorism: +10% Influence

We also thought it would make sense to list the technologies that provide Prestige bonuses, as it directly affects your rank, and thus your Influence. These can also be found in the Society Technology Tree, and are:

  • Romanticism: +5% Prestige
  • Realism: +5% Prestige
  • Organised Sports: +10% Prestige
  • Camera: +5% Prestige
  • Film: +5% Prestige

That's all for our primer on how to increase Influence in Victoria 3, and now you should have an idea of how to boost it, so you can make diplomatic choices on the world stage. 

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