Victoria 3 Naval Invasion Explained

Victoria 3 Naval Invasion Explained
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28th Oct 2022 11:07

You may want to know how a Victoria 3 Naval Invasion works, as it's one of the four major commands that be given to your admirals during wartime, and is incredibly useful for invading other nations. Victoria 3 has stripped back and simplified aspects of warfare, meaning you no longer need to control units, however, there are still tactical choices to make when fighting other countries. So, if you want to know how to start a Victoria 3 Naval Invasion, and learn how it works, we've got you covered. 

Victoria 3 Naval Invasion Explained

Victoria 3 Naval Invasion
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War was a big part of the 19th and 20th Centuries, and as expected, it can play a big role in your Victoria 3 games. Not all wars are the same though, as you can take part in both defensive and offensive wars, depending on your overall war goals. If you want to take the fight to the enemy's land, or you're looking to occupy overseas territories, you will need to utilise a Naval Invasion. 

A Naval Invasion is an action that you can command an admiral to perform during wartime, which will cause them to travel to a selected location and create a front there. With a front established, generals and your land army can then travel there and take part in battle to push the front forward or defend it. It's a vital tool for wars where you will need to travel overseas, so every player should make sure they understand how it works first. 


Victoria 3 Naval Invasion nation
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Your first step is to choose an admiral who will undertake the Naval Invasion. You can do this by navigating to the Military menu on the left of the screen and selecting an admiral, where the option will be available at the bottom of the menu. After this, you can choose an area to invade (will be highlighted green) and then you can select a general in the same HQ as the admiral to help carry it out. 

After confirming you want to stage a Naval Invasion, a countdown will begin as your forces set up. After the countdown is complete, the fleet will attempt to begin the invasion by landing the general and their army at the location. If the target has its own navy patrolling the coast, a naval battle can ensue. If you lose this battle, you will return to the HQ; if you win this battle, you will start the invasion and create a front. 

Victoria 3 Naval Invasion battle
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The general will then need to win the initial invasion battle. If they lose this, they will be returned to the HQ and the front will fall, but if they win, the front will be successfully established, and you can continue your invasion. It's also worth noting that if the front is set up, the admiral responsible for the invasion will begin to escort convoys between their HQ and the front. 

That's all for our explainer of the Victoria 3 Naval Invasion mechanic, and now you know how to begin one and invade an opposing nation. 

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