Victoria 3 Investment Pool: How To Enable And What It Does

Victoria 3 Investment Pool: How To Enable And What It Does
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27th Oct 2022 13:03

You may be wondering how exactly the Victoria 3 Investment Pool function works, and what benefits it provides to your nation. Victoria 3 has just released, ending 12 years of uncertainty amongst the Paradox faithful, and while it retains most of the spirit of its past incarnations, there are plenty of differences that set it apart. One of these is the Victoria 3 Investment Pool, which provides new ways of stimulating the economy of your nation and contributing to its growth, so check out how it all works below. 

Victoria 3 Investment Pool: What Does It Do?

Victoria 3 Investment Pool
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The Victoria 3 Investment Pool is a large pool of money that's created when pops with ownership shares in their building deposit a portion of their dividends. You can see the total amount in your Investment Pool by hovering over your money at the top of the screen. It's primarily used for funding the construction of buildings that the current Economic System law permits to be built, meaning you can't just make any building using the Investment Pool. While construction is ongoing, the funds that are required are then deducted from the Investment Pool and deposited into the Treasury.

Essentially, the Investment Pool is an incredibly powerful tool for feeding your construction industry and makes it so that all the money doesn't just come from the treasury. If you can grow your Investment Pool massively, it can provide a constant source of funds for constructing new buildings and expanding already existing ones.


Victoria 3 Investment Pool: How To Enable

Victoria 3 Investment Pool laws
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To enable the Investment Pool to begin with, you will need to pass one of the following Economic System laws: Interventionism, Agrarianism, or Laissez-Faire. Each of these laws differ in the amount they let Aristocrats or Capitalists contribute to the Investment Pool, and they also change up which buildings can use the funds for construction. Take a careful look at each one, and decide what types of buildings you want to prioritise.

Victoria 3 Investment Pool production methods
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Once the Investment Pool is enabled, it doesn't necessarily mean it will begin to grow, as buildings need to become profitable first. You can see this by checking a building's cash reserves, and if they are full, a portion of the dividends paid out to the owner pops will then be deposited into the Investment Pool. You can also stimulate this further by researching the Mutual Funds technology. This will allow you to change the production method of your buildings to Publicly Traded, which increases the number of Capitalists that will be employed, and thus the money paid into the Investment Pool. 

Once you have a sizeable Investment Pool that's being utilised, the specific buildings or industry that it can be used on will likely prosper, while also allowing you to use money from the Treasury to support other types of buildings. This means you will have two large sources of cash that are being used to invest into construction for your nation, which in turn, should snowball into increasing your productivity, GDP, and more. 

That's all for our primer on the Victoria 3 Investment Pool, and now you know what purpose it serves, along with how to effectively harness it to feed construction. 

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