Victoria 3 Gold Map

Victoria 3 Gold Map
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Tarran Stockton


8th Nov 2022 15:52

Learning the Victoria 3 gold map is a good way to find out which sections of the world map have gold fields and gold mines which can be exploited to increase the wealth of your nation. Victoria 3 allows you to be a leader of a nation during the Industrial Revolution, meaning you can be as nice or ruthless as you want in your pursuit of becoming the most powerful nation on the globe. It's often easier to go down the road of exploitation if you intend to meet this goal, so check out our breakdown of the Victoria 3 gold map. 

  • We also have a Victoria 3 oil map if you want to get your hands on one of the most powerful resources for both industry and war. 

Victoria 3 Gold Map 

Gold is a valuable resource in Victoria 3 that's used for the production of different luxury goods, meaning more wealthy nations will want gold as the richer members of the population begin to demand it. Obviously, gold doesn't just spawn out of thin air, and you will need to either secure a gold resource or set up trade routes with nations that have their own source. There are gold fields and gold mines, with the latter offering far more gold. Gold mines take longer to discover in-game, and gold fields can often convert into gold mines if they are stripped of their resources. 

victoria 3 gold fields map
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victoria 3 gold mines map
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A user on the official Victoria 3 subreddit called u/boredman2 shared some maps which highlight the provinces that contain gold fields and gold mines. You can see both maps below. 

We also have a table that displays the provinces with gold resources, along with the amount available there. 

Country Gold Resource Amount of Gold
Alaska Gold Field 12
Yukon Territory Gold Field 12
British Columbia Gold Field 8
South Dakota Gold Field 8
Colorado Gold Field 8
Arizona Gold Field 5
Nevada Gold Field 15
California Gold Field  12
Sonora Gold Field 6
Zacatecas Gold Field 4
Guerrero Gold Field 3
Oaxaca Gold Field 2
Guayana Gold Field  12
Cajamarca Gold Field 4
Minas Gerais Gold Field 8
Araucanía Gold Field 4
Northern Cape, Griqualand, Tswana Northern Cape Gold Field 8
Vrystaat Gold Field 16
Transvaal Gold Field 12
New Zealand (South Island, Ngati Toa South Island, Ngati Toa, New South Welsh North Island, North Island) Gold Field 10
Van Dieman's Land Gold Field 6
Victoria Gold Field 6
New South Wales Gold Field 12
Western Australia Gold Field 8
Brunei Gold Field 8
Indonesia (Dutch East Indies West Borneo, Pontianak, Sintang, Lanfang, Sambas) Gold Field 6
Hokkaido (Ainu Mosir, Japanese Hokkaido) Gold Field 8
Outer Manchuria Gold Field 8
Chukotka Gold Field 4
Yakutsk Gold Field 8
Bajio Gold Mine 4
Lima Gold Mine 6
La Paz Gold Mine 4
Potosi Gold Mine 4
Santiago Gold Mine 5
Tucuman Gold Mine 3
Minas Gerais Gold Mine  2
Asturias Gold Mine 4
Tyrol Gold Mine 2
Mysore Gold Mine 4

Now you know where to find gold in Victoria 3 thanks to the maps and table above. 

We also cover how to increase standard of living in Victoria 3, which allows the lives of your population to improve. 

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