Victoria 3 Timespan: What Is It?

Victoria 3 Timespan: What Is It?
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25th Oct 2022 11:49

You may be wondering about the Victoria 3 timespan, and how long a full game of Victoria takes to complete. Victoria 3 is the latest grand strategy from Paradox, which is known for deep and complex titles like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings. The Victoria series differs from these quite a bit in terms of gameplay, and with the more modern time period it takes place in. So if you need to know what the Victoria 3 timespan is, we've got you covered with our explainer below. 

Victoria 3 Timespan

Victoria 3 Timespan
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The Victoria 3 timespan is exactly 100 hundred years, running from 1836 to 1936, which takes you through the Industrial Revolution up until shortly before the outbreak of WWII. This is the second shortest timespan of the Paradox grand strategy franchises, and is exactly the same as the previous Victoria titles, so fans should be accustomed to the length of time. 


A whole century is more than enough time to reach the goals you may be aiming for when starting a game of Victoria 3, and you'll have the chance to replicate the rapid modernisation this period saw in real life. While it's possible the timespan could be extended in the future with expansions or updates, it's likely that this will be set in stone for the game's life cycle. However, there will certainly be mods which change things up at some point if you are desperate to play for longer. 

That's all for our explainer of the Victoria 3 timespan, and now you know how many years a Victoria 3 game runs for.

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