Best Honkai Star Rail Clara build: Relics, Light Cones & more

Best Honkai Star Rail Clara build: Relics, Light Cones & more
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Jason Coles


9th Aug 2023 16:44

Are you looking for the best Honkai Star Rail Clara build? We have you covered.

Honkai Star Rail's Clara is, despite her small stature, an incredible damage dealer in the game thanks to her robot guardian Svarog.

She's a character in the Destruction path, which means she's a good all-rounder when it comes to damage dealing, she's also currently the only major Physical five-star in the game, making her very useful when it comes to dealing with specific weaknesses.

If you've managed to grab her from the Regular Warp banner, then here's everything you need to know about how to build Clara with the best Relics and Light Cones for the job.

Honkai Star Rail Clara abilities

Honkai Star Rail Clara Battle
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Clara deals Physical damage with her basic attack. Her skill is an AoE attack that deals damage to all enemies, and then additional damage to enemies who've been marked by her talent.

Her talent reduces the damage she takes, and also means that Svarog will mark enemies who attack her, and deal damage in retaliation.

Finally, her ultimate reduces the damage she takes further, ups the likelihood of her being attacked, and improves the damage of Svarog's counterattack. It also immediately launches a counterattack.

Her kit is designed to goad enemies into hitting her, and she works well with characters who can shield her and also increase the likelihood of her being attacked, like March 7th.

Honkai Star Rail Clara light cones

Honkai Star Rail Clara Ultimate
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Clara's best Light Cone is Something Irreplaceable. This increases her attack, and allows her to restore HP whenever she defeats an enemy or gets hit.

It also then increases her damage on top of that too. If you don't have that one, then the five-star Light Cone from the Simulated Universe, On the Fall of an Aeon is an excellent choice. This Light cone upgrades her attack whenever she attacks, and boosts her damage whenever she inflicts Weakness Break on enemies.

In terms of four-star Light Cones, her best option is Nowhere to Run, which increases her attack and allows her to restore health whenever she defeats an enemy. She does work with a lot of Destruction Light Cones though, so don't worry if you don't have these ones yet.

Honkai Star Rail Clara relics

Honkai Star Rail Clara and Svarog
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Clara's best relic set is the Champion of Streetwise Boxing, which boosts Physical damage and also boosts the user's attack whenever they're hit or attacks up to five times. In terms of stats, you want to make sure you've got a good balance of crit stats, and a lot of attack.

For her Planar Ornaments, her best set is Inert Salsotto, which boosts her crit rate, and also boosts her ultimate and follow-up attack damage. Svarog's hits count as follow-up damage, so this upgrades her damage output significantly. For these stats, you want Physical Damage on the Planar Sphere, and attack on the Link Rope.

Honkai Star Rail Clara teams

Because Clara works best when she's being attacked, her team options are a little bit odd. The only character that can give another character a taunt at the moment is March 7th, which means the two should come as a pair.

Outside of that, you can run these two with any mixture of other DPS or support characters. We do recommend a healer of some kind though, as March 7th doesn't do enough shielding to protect an entire team on her own, at least in later-game content.

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