How to get & use Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail

How to get & use Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail
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  • You can get Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail by using your Trailblaze Power and progressing the Simulated Universe
  • You can use them to get Planar Ornaments that are used to upgrade your character

Immersifiers are an essential item in Honkai: Star Rail for those aiming to get the best relics for their favourite characters, like Welt or Clara - but getting your hands on them can be pretty tricky.

These unique items only have one purpose in-game, but as that purpose is helping you get Planar Ornaments, special two-piece artefact sets that can give huge stat boosts, then that's all they really need to do.

How to get Immersifiers

There are two ways to get more Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail: spending 40 Trailblaze Power and through the Simulated Universe.

Firstly, you can convert your daily energy into these items and can hold up to eight at a time, making them a good thing to convert Trailblaze Power into if you're not going to be able to play much on any given day.

Screenshot showing a reward screen in Honkai Star Rail
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You can also unlock four of these for free by just progressing in the Simulated Universe each week and then claiming them as part of the weekly rewards. It's up to you which method you use, but we always recommend maxing out your Simulated Universe score each week to get the most out of the game.

How are Immersifiers used?

You can use Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail to get your hands on Planar Ornaments, and doing so is pretty simple. You just need to progress in a Simulated Universe, and you can grab them from the Immersion Reward Stations, which are in every Elite room and Boss room. You can spend one Immersifier in Elite rooms, and two Immersifiers in Boss rooms.

Screenshot showing Honkai Star Rail Immersifier usage
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That means you can spend four Immersifiers per run, or spend 160 Trailblaze Power. The rarity of the Planar Ornaments you'll get is dictated by the World Level, but you can get up to two five-star artefacts per use, which makes it a pretty efficient way to farm things (it's also the only way to farm things).

I recommend not spending your Trailblaze Power on Honkai: Star Rail Immersifiers unless you're doing the hardest Simulated Universe levels.

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