Where to find Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail

Where to find Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail

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Jack Roberts


14th Jul 2023 12:22

If you're struggling to find Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail, then we're here to show you exactly where she is located. Yujin is a key character in several Trailblazer Missions, so finding her is extremely important, if a little tricky at times.

Here, we’ll be going through who Yujin is in the game, and where exactly you will need to go so you can get an assortment of new quests and items. 

Where is Yujin? 

A map of Xianzhoud Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail
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Yujin can be located in Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail. More specifically, she is found over by the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor, a handy teleport location for you at the bottom of the map.

To unlock Xianzhou Luofu, you’ll need to make it past the initial missions on Jarilo-VI. After doing so, you’ll be able to make your way over to the Central Starskiff Haven Zone.

This is where the teleport point is located and, just south of that, you’ll find Yujin wearing green shorts and cat ears. After speaking with her, she will give you the Clothes for "That Teacher" item to help toward completing the quest.

Who is Yujin in Honkai: Star Rail?

Yujin as she appears in-game in Honkai Star Rail
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Image via Mobile Games YT

Yujin's a tailor and the owner of the Cloudbreath Sleeves Shop. She is a Foxian NPC who provides several quests and is central to a mission herself. You’ll need to speak with her to complete some tasks in the Navigation Compass mission.

Following this mission, you’ll need to find her again for subsequent side quests, so it’s good to take note of where she can be found.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding Yujin. If you’re looking to get ahead in the game, why not check out our Honkai: Star Rail homepage where we have covered how to get immersifiers, how to get praise of high morals, what platforms the game is on and more. 

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