How to get Praise of High Morals in Honkai: Star Rail

How to get Praise of High Morals in Honkai: Star Rail
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4th Jul 2023 16:53

Honkai: Star Rail Praise of High Morals is an undoubtedly unusual item. Unlike many things in the game, there's no real guidance on how to get it, and it doesn't directly relate to upgrading your characters, or making your account stronger overall. Instead, it's rewarded for doing the right thing, which in space, is nebulous.

The good news though, is that there are a few easy ways to get some, and the uses for them are generally for hidden quests, unique and unusual interactions with immortal vases, or talking plants. Honkai: Star Rail sure loves an oddity.

Where can you find Praise of High Morals?

You can get your hands on Praise of High Morals by doing good deeds. As this is a little vague, these good deeds tend to be outside of standard quests and are tied to some of the interactions you can have as you journey through the various worlds.

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For example, watering the strange plant up the stairs in the Base Zone on the Herta Space Station, or interacting with the central Curio in Storage Zone F1 can both grant you a Honkai: Star Rail Praise of High Morals. 

There are a lot of other ways to get these items, and some can be missed, so it's worth scouring each level as you move through it to check for places you can interact. Anything from pushing letters into a letter box to investigating trash cans can net you a Praise of High Morals, so be inquisitive.

Praise of High Morals uses

Using a Praise of High Morals is just as unintuitive for the most part. Once again though, the throughline is being thorough.

You can use one in Boulder Town on Karilo-VI by investigating a dumpster near Turner's Food Stall and choosing the "Temper It" option, or you can use one by chatting with the Immortal in a Vase in the Exalting Sanctum aboard the Xianzhou Luofu.

There are only a few ways to use them at this point, but doing so for the first time will net you the Karmic Wheel achievement. Outside of that, expect some unique interactions or jokes, and maybe a couple of in-game items, but nothing major.

Honkai: Star Rail Praise of High Morals as an item is a fascinating little distraction, but aside from die-hard completionists, just doing one of these interactions should be good enough for most people.

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