Honkai Star Rail Follow Up Attack: What is it & how to do it

Honkai Star Rail Follow Up Attack: What is it & how to do it
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9th Jun 2023 16:58

Honkai Star Rail’s combat can certainly get fast and furious at times, with multiple characters in both your party and the opponents that you’re coming up against. Because of this, you can become overwhelmed quite quickly and take your eye off your health bars for a split second and ultimately be defeated.

To counter this, and to make your life that bit easier, you can employ a Follow Up Attack in the game, hopefully mitigating your damage taken and finishing your foes off before they can even remotely take you out.

Below, we’ll run you through exactly what this Follow Up Attack is and how to do it for yourself so you can reap the benefits of this fighting mechanic.

What is a Follow Up Attack in Honkai Star Rail?

As the name implies, a Follow Up Attack is something that allows you to get an extra hit on your enemies. However, while you might think that this only happens in your turn, in fact, this attack can be triggered as a counter attack per se, when the enemy’s turn is in full flow.

This is extremely advantageous because normally you wouldn’t be able to get any more damage in until the opposition’s turn is over but with a Follow Up Attack, you can essentially ‘cheat’ and chip away at those life bars.

However, to get this Follow Up Attack to work, it isn’t as simple as a key press - there needs to be some prerequisites, and we’ll get onto that now

How to do a Honkai Star Rail Follow Up Attack

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So, if you like the sound of inflicting additional damage while it not being your turn, how do you actually perform a Follow Up Attack in Honkai Star Rail? Well, as just stated, there needs to be some prep.

This is because although a Follow Up Attack is in fact an automatic process, it will only trigger when your character has both the talent for it, as well as the conditions of that talent being met in battle.

For example, take Blade, this character does allow for a Follow Up Attack to occur because of the Shuhu's Gift talent, but as detailed in the description of this talent, this will only proc when you gain maximum Charge stacks, unleashing the attack on all enemies on the field.

This is similarly the case with other characters such as Clara, Herta, or Himeko, with each of these having different talents that have Follow Up Attack capabilities.

So, if you want this extra Follow Up Attack damage, simply get one of these characters in your party, read their related talent carefully, and try to get the right requirements in battle in order to get it to trigger.

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