Can you play GTA RP on console?

Can you play GTA RP on console?
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7th Nov 2023 16:24

Many Grand Theft Auto 5 players will be wondering if they can play GTA RP on console, as it's become a massively popular way to play the game on PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the most popular games of all time, and remains one of the most-played games in the world even ten years on from its original release date. A large part of its current popularity is due in part to role-playing servers that encourage players to inhabit the world they are in.

If you are a console player and want to try out GTA RP, you'll be wondering if its even possible at all, so read on to find out.

Can you play GTA RP on console?

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Yes, you can play GTA RP on console, but it's worth noting the experience is massively different to PC, with much more limited options. 

This is due to the most popular GTA RP mods, FiveM and RageMP, not having their mod clients available on console, meaning players can only do RP on United Network servers which have reduced role-playing capabilities. However, Rockstar Games announced on August 11 that it acquired, which is the team behind the biggest roleplay communities of FiveM and RedM.

Rockstar hasn't shared all the details yet, but this opens up the possibility of the RP mods coming to console and the next iteration of GTA whenever it releases, meaning console players may finally get the same role-playing experience as PC users.

How to play GTA RP on console

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The process for playing GTA RP on console can take some effort as it's not an official mode on the game, but we've covered everything it takes below - so you can enjoy some role-playing soon: 

  • Join the United Network Discord here
  • Read the "#rules" channel
  • Move over to the "#role-assign" channel
  • Select a department and platform
  • You'll now need to wait to take part in an interview
    •  Interviews are announced in the '#announements' channel, so keep an eye out for when they are taking place
  • Join the "#Waiting Recruitment" channel to wait for your interview
  • If selected during the interview stage, you'll be invited to the training server

That's our full explanation of whether GTA RP can be played on console, and now you that while it is possible, console players cannot access the same role-playing content as PC players.

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