Can you play GTA RP on console?

Can you play GTA RP on console?
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22nd May 2024 16:08

Grand Theft Auto 5 is of the most popular games of all time, remaining one of the most-played titles in the world even a decade on from its original release. A large part of its popularity is due in part to role-playing servers that encourage players to inhabit the world they are in.

So if you're a console player finding yourself a little bored with the current online experience and want to try out GTA RP in the game, here's a rundown of whether the option is available to you.

Is GTA RP on console?

Yes, you can play GTA RP on console, but it's worth noting the experience is massively different to PC because its options are much more limited. 

This is due to the most popular GTA RP mods, FiveM and RageMP, not having their mod clients available on console, meaning players can only do RP on United Network servers which have reduced role-playing capabilities. However, Rockstar Games announced on August 11, 2023 that it acquired, which is the team behind the biggest roleplay communities of FiveM and RedM.

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Rockstar has yet to share details of this even in 2024, but this opens up the possibility of the RP mods coming to console or the next iteration of GTA, meaning console players may finally get the same role-playing experience as PC users.

How to RP on console

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The process for playing GTA RP on console can take some effort, as it's not an official mode in-game, but here's how you can enjoy some role-playing of your own on consoles: 

  • Firstly, join the United Network HQ Discord here and complete the pop-up for platforms and your role
  • You'll then need to read the "#server-rules" and '#code-of-conduct' channels
  • You'll now need to wait to take part in an interview
    • As stated in the Server Guide, interviews are announced in the 'Training' category of the Discord server relevant to your chosen role, so keep an eye out for when they are taking place
  • There are also specific waiting rooms that you can head into when a training starts
  • After taking part in the training - and assuming you've passed - you'll then be able to join in with roleplay!

The server is quite in-depth, and every channel is named efficiently to help you find your way around, so getting set up should be pretty straightforward overall.

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