Where Is The Impound Lot In GTA 5 Online?

Where Is The Impound Lot In GTA 5 Online?
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22nd Feb 2023 16:34

You may want to know, where is the impound lot in GTA 5 Online? GTA Online has become a behemoth for Rockstar Games, remaining one of the top played multiplayer games a decade after the release of GTA 5.

It lets players perform the usual GTA shenanigans while in multiplayer, giving you jobs and activities to perform money, so you can build your criminal enterprise. However, as any criminal would know, things don't always go to plan, and it's fairly common for GTA Online players to lose their cars to the impound lot.

So, if you need to know where to find the impound lot in GTA 5 Online, so you can get your car back, we've got you covered.

Where Is The Impound Lot In GTA 5 Online?

Where Is The Impound Lot In GTA 5 Online?
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In GTA Online, the impound lot is next to the Los Santos Police Department building, located on the corner of Roy Lowenstein boulevard and Innocence boulevard, in the south of the main city. We've marked the exact location on the map above so it's easier to find.

Once you arrive at the impound lot, you just need to approach the gate, causing a button prompt to appear so you can pay $250 and get your car back. Once you've paid the money, the gate will open, letting you inside so you can collect your car and be on your way.

For those principled criminals that refuse to pay the fine, you can hijack a large truck and park it near the gate to jump and over steel your vehicle back. This will give you a two-star wanted level straight away, so you'll need to be quick to hightail it out of there and lose the wanted level.

The final method can only be done if you have a CEO office and a personal assistant. If you call them up, you can ask that they retrieve your car instead, but this costs $1000 instead. 

It's worth noting that there is a potential bug that can occur during this. Sometimes you will be notified of your vehicle being impounded, but when you arrive it's not there. There's seemingly no fix for this, except waiting and trying again.

That's all for our explainer of where to find the impound lot in GTA 5 Online, and now you know exactly where it's located, as well as the different ways to get your car back.

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