Do you need Xbox Game Pass to play GTA Online?

Do you need Xbox Game Pass to play GTA Online?
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8th Nov 2023 09:26

Many fans will be wondering if an active Game Pass (formerly Xbox Live) subscription is needed to play GTA Online, as it's one of the most popular online titles around, despite being ten years old now. 

Whenever you log on to GTA Online's servers, you'll find plenty of people still playing the game, trying to hit top speeds in the fastest cars or preparing for all of the various heists. It's a very different game from the one that was released a decade ago, but have things changed when it comes to the need for Xbox Game Pass?

Do you need Xbox Game Pass to play GTA Online?

If you wish to play GTA Online on your Xbox console, you will need to have a valid Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate membership enabled. Previously, you would have required an Xbox Live Gold membership, but online functionality was rolled into a Game Pass subscription during 2023.

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While some titles do offer the ability to play online for free without the requirement of an Xbox Game Pass membership, like Fortnite, the vast majority of online or multiplayer-focused titles do not.

Unfortunately, GTA Online is one of those games, and you will need to pick up Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate if you're looking to start your own business or farm some money.

If you’re unaware, even if you have your Xbox connected to the internet, a large majority of games require an additional subscription. This membership - now known as Xbox Game Pass Core - allows users to jump into voice chat parties with their friends, gives them exclusive deals, and the right to play multiplayer on their favourite online games.

How to get Xbox Game Pass

To get Xbox Game Pass and begin playing online on your console, you will need to purchase a subscription from the Game Pass website, the store on your Xbox console, or from specific retailers like Amazon or Best Buy - offering both digital and physical variants like the those listed below: 

 If you're keen to get the most money out of a longer Game Pass membership, you'll get the best value out of the three-month membership available at Amazon:

Once the subscription is active on your account, you can freely begin using the multiplayer features and begin playing GTA Online.

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