How to make money fast in GTA 5 Online: Best farming methods (2023)

How to make money fast in GTA 5 Online: Best farming methods (2023)
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17th Aug 2023 11:23


It used to be tricky to find out how to make money fast in GTA Online, as the best farming methods in the game were few and far between. But now, ten years after its initial release, there are so many different ways of making money it's hard to know where to start.

Not only will we go over all the ways to make money fast, but also the best farming methods in GTA Online so you can. When the game was first released, the easiest way to make quick money was by robbing shops or selling cars you found. You were never going to make millions, but eventually, you might be able to afford a garage or a house, somewhere to store your cars and weapons.

It all changed with the introduction of Heists, Drug Running, and payphone hits, with the recently added Cayo Perico Heist offering massive payouts. So if you’re new to GTA Online, or maybe you haven’t played it in a while, here is all you need to know about making money fast.

How to make money fast in GTA Online

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Heists offer huge payouts in GTA Online and are realistically the best way of earning big chunks of money in one go. In total, there are ten heists on offer for players to complete. The payouts begin at $250,000 but quickly increase to $3,619,000 with the Diamond Casino Heist.

The only downside to heists is that you need a good chunk of money to set it up, as well as requiring a crew. The heists are not a solo venture (excluding Cayo Perico) so you’re going to need to bring in some pals to help you along the way. The heists are a great way to make a lot of money, and probably the most enjoyable - but they do take some time to complete.

Buy a business 

Running a business in GTA Online is a great way to make money fast, once it is all set up and optimised to bring in the most cash. There are a variety of different businesses you can set up, and for the most part, you will earn the money organically as time passes only having to complete the odd mission now and again.

Here are the different businesses listed below in order of potential profits you can make: 

  • CEO (High-end Office)
  • Bunker (Arms Running)
  • Cocaine/Meth labs (Drug Running)
  • Counterfeit cash

We have left the Nightclub off of the above list, as it isn’t a great money-making option. You will start to see your profits increase whenever you buy supplies for the above businesses, and once it is all set up you will only need to complete the odd mission now and again.

Agency Security Contracts

If you opted for the office above, then you can complete Agency Security Contracts. There are a variety of different missions you can complete, but it is a really quick way of making $70,000, so long as you’re successful.

Every time you complete a contract there is a five-minute cooldown, and each mission will take between 10 and 15 minutes - if you’re good at the game, or know the missions well, you could easily complete four of these an hour. The more money you look to earn, the more challenging the missions will be.

The Casino

Although we wouldn’t recommend gambling in the Diamond Resort and Casino - chances are you will lose more than you gain - the free spin at the wheel is always worth doing.

It is not guaranteed - and you may simply earn a t-shirt - but you can win straight cash for doing nothing more than spinning a wheel, there is also a new vehicle that can be earned every day.

Targeting modes with offering bonus money

Now and again there will be bonus money offered to anyone who wins in certain game modes, to push people towards otherwise unpopulated areas.

What the mode is will be incredibly varied, from races to the slasher mode and even including stealing cars or assassinating targets. It may not be the most reliable income, but at any one time, there will be a mode offering a bonus for you to pick up.

What are the best farming methods in GTA Online?

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The simplest way to farm money in GTA is by owning and running a business like those listed above, but the game is built in a way that requires you to spend before you can earn.

You can yield a significant amount of cash by becoming something like a CEO, where you can rob high-end cars or complete security contracts.

Everything in GTA Online is a bit of a grind though, so if you’re looking to make it big you’re going to need to put in the time. That's where things like the heists come in - as the rewards are massive and well worth the effort needed to complete them. 

That's all you need to know about making some serious dough in GTA Online. While we haven’t covered every way you can make money, the options listed above are the most profitable routes to take if you want to farm to earn big money in the game. 

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