Wild rumours suggests GTA 6 will include Hurricanes and Alligators

Wild rumours suggests GTA 6 will include Hurricanes and Alligators
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1st Oct 2021 13:28

It's a new day, a new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumour. Some of us are a little bored of news (or lack of) about the next chapter of Rockstar's automobile adventure, but for the rest of us, we spend our days digging into the quagmire of leaks, rumours, and debunks. The latest is one of the weirdest we've heard - hurricanes and alligators. 

Basically, none of us knows when Rockstar will officially announce GTA 6. For now, we're pretty sure it's out there somewhere, but we just don't know when. Rumours have ranged from a 2021 announcement to 2023. No matter what, GTA 6 is likely a long way off.

What's the new GTA 6 rumour?

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Some are excited by the latest leaks claiming the GTA 6 trailer will be landing in November. The original source is the unverified account called thatssobold, meaning it might not have the credentials to back up this massive leap. Added to this, we've previously written about how the game could be set in 70's Miami.

The original post read, "GTA 6 will be announced Nov-Dec & Will Take Place in Miami Featuring Hurricanes, Gators, and MORE!" Anyone could make this sort of stuff up, however, we're loving the idea of hurricanes and gators. Picture the scene of some Sharknado-inspired event where alligators rain from the sky. 

Apparently, GTA 6 will feature an evolving map that is up to three times the size of GTA V's. We've all heard about a humungous map and dynamic weather before, so there's nothing too out of the ordinary here. Looking at how Red Dead Redemption 2 squeezed the entire Red Dead map into its own, it's easy to imagine GTA 6 doing the same.

Is there anything to these GTA 6 rumours?

We're going to err on the side of caution with this one. Not too long ago, there was a supposed GTA 6 map leak that was quickly debunked. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to realise this is probably some clickbait site hoping to get a bit of clout. Then again, the world of Rockstar rumours has turned out to be an odd one over the years. Who could forget when the RDR2 map leaked months before the game's release and turned out to be legit?

Gamers seem equally split on whether 'thatssobold' just simply bundled together its own wild theories. One critic wrote, "’ll believe it when I see it chile", while another added, "Not believable until I see some REAL people confirm it". A third simply said, "Gators 😭😭". Yes, your Alligator Loki fantasies can potentially come true. 

Rockstar is remaining tight-lipped on even the existence of GTA 6, but in all likelihood, the developer is probably rubbing its hands in glee and watching the dollars roll in. With each week that passes, hype surrounding GTA 6 continues to swell. Interestingly, the official Rockstar YouTube recently banned mentions of GTA 6 - which we think could be a shrewd move to drum up interest.

If all of this wasn't enough, there's a trilogy of remastered games AND the release of GTA V Expanded & Enhanced. Rockstar definitely isn't done with its older games just yet, so don't expect GTA 6 to blow the competition out of the water just yet. Still, could alligators be "snapping" at the heels of GTA V?


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