Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online?

Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online?
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3rd Mar 2023 16:53

Despite what seems like an infinite amount of revisions to GTA V over the years, it appears to show no signs of slowing down. Sure, many are anticipating the inevitable release of GTA VI, but until then, flocks of players manage to bide their time with countless hours spent in GTA Online.

If you’re a PlayStation owner, you may have friends who play GTA Online regularly, and could possibly be attempting to sway you into the game. If you’ve been on the fence for a while, there’s never been a better time to jump, especially with the wealth of new content that has been added to the game since its initial release in 2023.

For those of you curious about jumping in, one thing you need to know is whether you require a PS Plus membership to do so. To help with that dilemma, we have everything you need to know about requiring PS Plus to play GTA Online.

Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online?

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PS Plus is a membership that not only allows you access to play certain multiplayer titles online but also gives you exclusive discounts and monthly free games to enjoy.

In the case of GTA Online, an active PS Plus membership is required. There are now three tiers to this, each offering more and more bonuses, but you simply need the Essential package to play online, which is the lowest price option.

You can sign up for this through your PlayStation directly, however, a much better and cheaper option is to purchase prepaid cards. These come in the form of bundles, ranging from a few months all the way to a year, but they offer you access to PS Plus at a reduced rate.

For anyone interested, these can be picked up from a wide range of retailers, or even purchased as download codes from Amazon. It’s perfect if you’re planning to play for an extended amount of time or want to prepare for other online releases.

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