Do you need PlayStation Plus for GTA Online?

Do you need PlayStation Plus for GTA Online?
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17th Aug 2023 11:53

It is not uncommon to wonder whether or not you need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play GTA Online, as it would save you a big chunk of money if that is the only game that you play.

GTA V was first released ten years ago to overwhelming critical acclaim, but the Online mode on the other hand had a much rockier start to its life. After some patches and updates though, GTA Online has become a behemoth of a game, outperforming the original and boasting an incredibly active player base over a decade later.

While its original release on the PS3 did not require PS Plus to use the online portion, its subsequent existence on both PS4 and PS5 do have many players wanting to find out if you need PlayStation Plus to play GTA Online. Thankfully we've got all of the answers below, so you can find out if you can jump straight into some heists.

Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online?

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In order to play GTA Online, an active PS Plus membership is required. There are now three tiers to this, each offering more and more bonuses, but you only need the Essential tier of PlayStation Plus in order to play online, which is the lowest price option.

You can sign up for this through your PlayStation directly, however, a much better and cheaper option is to purchase prepaid cards. These come in the form of bundles, ranging from a few months all the way to a year, but they offer you access to PS Plus at a reduced rate.

For anyone interested, these can be picked up from a wide range of retailers, or even purchased as download codes from Amazon. It’s perfect if you’re planning to play for an extended amount of time or want to prepare for other online releases.

That's all you need to know about GTA Online on the PlayStation, if you're wondering what some of the fastest cars are in the game, then we have them all outlined here. 

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