Genshin Impact: Traveling Triped

Genshin Impact: Traveling Triped
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The Traveling Triped in Genshin Impact is a rare robot furnishing available for your realm, upon completion of the Core Of The Apparatus Event. The event lasts until July 11, to learn how to get involved in the Genshin Impact event and get a Traveling Triped for yourself, read on.

Genshin Impact Core Of The Apparatus Event

Core Of The Apparatus Event in Genshin Impact
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The Core Of The Apparatus Event is a limited-time event that requires you to be Adventurer Rank 30 or above to enter. You must also have gotten far enough into the main questlines to complete the 'Ritou Escape Plan' and 'Chisato's Letter' quests.

The event involves the player helping an NPC merchant called Bertrand to make robot prototypes. Bertrand will ask the player to gather materials for him in three stages. Completing the quests will reward the player with redemption vouchers, which can then be exchanged for a prototype to display in your Serenitea Pot realm.

You can collect up to 20 redemption vouchers at a time, however, you can only exchange a maximum of four with Bertrand for robots. If you're hunting for the Traveling Triped or another robot, do not exchange your vouchers with Bertrand until you unlock the specific one you want.

The Traveling Triped is a rare robot that can be exchanged with Bertrand for redemption voucher number 20.

During the event, the player will also receive, Mora, EXP, Hero's Wit, Primogems, Mask of the Tiger's Bite, Narukami's Joy, and a Jewelled Branch Of A Distant Sea as rewards.


  • Read our Genshin Impact Core Propulsion guide to learn how to complete that stage of the Toymaker Quest for Bertrand and locate the needed Specters.

Genshin Impact: How To Get The Traveling Triped

Voucher 20 rewarded from the Toymaker quest in Genshin Impact
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The Traveling Triped is the rarest of the robotic inventions you can acquire. Inlaid in gold, it requires voucher 20 to be exchanged. The voucher numbers you receive from Bertrand are randomised, so it may take a while to acquire. Do not redeem your vouchers with Bertrand until you get it, as you can only exchange with him four times.

Along with a voucher, the robots require different ingredients, enemies and elemental charges to make.

To create a 'test product' and receive a randomised voucher from Bertrand, you must follow these steps:

  • Equip the Material collector.
  • Collect 5 ores or flowers.
  • Apply Hydro, Electro or Pyro for 15 seconds onto your character, (to do so, stand in water until the material collector reaches maximum capacity, then open it and trigger an elemental ability.)
  • Gather Core Propulsion Components from defeated enemies such as, Specters, Slimes, Eyes of the Storm, Thunder Manifestations, or Hypostases.
  • Interact With Bertrand (who stands up the central steps of Ritou) and click 'Create Test Products'.
  • A randomised voucher will be generated which you can trade into Bertrand for a robot furnishing.

To get voucher 20, repeat the process a few times. Players have reported a trend in acquiring voucher 20 on their fourth try.

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