Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night Quest: How To Complete

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night Quest: How To Complete
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11th Nov 2022 16:14

The Genshin Impact quest 'Through the Predawn Night' is the first Archon quest within the Sumeru region and details hatching a plan with other characters to save Lesser Lord Kusanali. To learn which steps to take to complete the Genshin Impact quest, read here.

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night: How To Join

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night: Candace
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To unlock the quest, you must first complete the King Deshret and the Three Magi quest and the previous Archon Act. If the game is asking you to wait a day before moving on to the 'Through the Predawn Night' quest you can use the game clock from the Paimon menu to skip a day and activate it instantly.

You must now go talk to Candace to initiate the quest. She will be waiting for you at the Chief's house in Aaru Village (in the Great Red Sand in the Sumeru region).

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night: meeting
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Once you have spoken to Candace you must complete the following steps to get through the next portion of the Archon quest:

  • Enter the Chief's house to speak with Alhaitham, Cyno and Dehya.
  • After hatching a plan with the others and leaving the house, head to the waypoint outside. This will be Alhaitham, who is waiting across the bridge.
  • Travel to the Eremite Base located on the map, directly south of Aaru Village and east of the Sobek Oasis.
  • Meet Alhaitham on the rock cliff above.
  • Meet with Cyno at Caravan Ribat, located northeast of Aaru Village and west of Apam Woods.
  • Talk with the soldiers at the Caravan Ribat after Cyno's conversation.
  • After a recap of the plan, you'll be instructed to wait two days. You can skip time using the clock feature in the Paimon menu.
  • Once you've waited two days, you can meet Cyno at the point of the mission. This is located near Aaru Village to the east and should be marked on your map.
  • Once you travel here, listen to the cutscene, and prepare to face the Eremites.
  • Fight the Eremite mercenary group, once defeated Cyno will appear to arrest them under false pretenses and the next Archon Quest will trigger.

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night Rewards

Genshin Impact Through the Predawn Night: Alhaitham
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For completing this stage of the Sumeru Archon quest you'll receive an achievement and the following rewards:

  • 975 Adventurer XP
  • Primogems x30
  • 38,600 Mora
  • Hero's Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6


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