How Old Is Venti In Genshin Impact?

How Old Is Venti In Genshin Impact?
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17th Jun 2022 15:00

The question of how old is Venti in Genshin Impact is a complex issue, being that he has two distinct identities. In Genshin Impact, you first encounter Venti helping the dragon, Dvalin despite his destructive nature. To learn more about this mysterious Anemo bard, his backstory and how old Venti is, read on.

Genshin Impact: How Old is Venti?

Picture shows the Traveler's first encounter with Venti and Dvalin
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Spoilers ahead for the first Archon Quest.

During the 'For a Tomorrow Without Tears' Act, Venti is properly introduced to the Traveler as a spirited Bard, wiser than his years would suggest and a bit of a roamer, travelling wherever he wishes.

It soon becomes clear that he is secretly the vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon who is worshipped in Mondstadt. Due to his grip lessening on the moral world and his allowance of Mondstadt becoming a republic without rule, he has become a lesser god with his power diminishing over the years.

Venti is the key component in the Stormterror quests and provides background lore on the terrorising Anemo spirit, and how he turned to madness after a time of loneliness. Venti chose his current form to commemorate a former bard friend who died in the war against the God of Storms before Barbatos became the Anemo Archon many years ago.

As an Archon in human form, Venti is as old as the creation of Teyvat itself. Described as being as old as the hills themselves, fans have estimated for him to be around 2,600 years old despite his body being that of a 15-year-old boy.


Genshin Impact: How To Get Venti

Venti plays a song on his lute.
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Even though he is technically a god, Venti can be recruited to your party through the 'Ballad in Goblets' Character Event Wish. This has been available on the Genshin Impact store three times before, most recently being on September 23, 2020. With Character Event Wishes seeming to repeat on an annual cycle, there is a high chance Venti will become available again soon.

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