Genshin Impact 2.8 Update: Trailers, Release Date, Gameplay, And More

Genshin Impact 2.8 Update: Trailers, Release Date, Gameplay, And More
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Kiera Mills


4th Jul 2022 13:32

The Genshin Impact 2.8 update is the next content drop before the official 3.0 version which will introduce the new Sumeru region and Dendro element. Genshin Impact's recent Summer Fantasia live stream confirmed many of the speculations fans have had for the upcoming game update. For all the information we know about the Genshin Impact 2.8 update so far, including release date, gameplay and new characters, read on.

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Genshin Impact: Summer Fantasia Trailer

Genshin Impact: New Character Event Wishes

Character Event Wish Featured Characters

Event Wish Preview

Shikanoin Heizou will be available to wish on.

Phase 1:  'Leaves in The Wind Event' 
This will feature five-star character Kaedehara Kazuha.

Phase 2: 'Sparkling Steps' 
This will feature five-star character, Klee.

Phase 3: 'Tapestry of Golden Flames' 
This will feature five-star character Yoimiya.

Four-star character Heizou, will be available at both the 'Leaves in The Wind' and 'Sparkling Steps' events with a boost to drop rate.

Genshin Impact 2.8: Release Date

Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact
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At the announcement of the 2.7 update, HoYoverse assured fans that delays to production have ended now, and updates would return to the usual six-week cycle. Update 2.8 therefore, has been given the estimated release date of July 13, 2022. This is a preliminary date however and may be subject to change. Stay tuned here for regular updates on the 2.8 release date.


Genshin Impact: New 2.8 Character Heizou

Heizou in Genshin Impact
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HoYoverse has confirmed the arrival of a new four-star Anemo character, Heizou. He is said to be the game's first male catalyst character, and was first announced on May 16. Catalyst characters like Lisa and Ningguang can use elemental attacks as part of their normal combat abilities and are often referred to as casters. Heizou will be a detective who works for the Tenryou Commission in Inazuma, the organisation in charge of Raiden Shogun's security detail. Described as a character who is wholly dedicated to his job, he prefers to turn down promotions so that he stays close to the action.

Heizou will arrive with a new hangout quest called 'Trap Em' by Storm. Heizou uses his Anemo element to strike with unarmed attacks, buffing these with blasts of Anemo.

Heizou's attacks can be charged for additional AOE damage and his Windmuster Kick ability kicks a vacuum of Anemo damage around grouped targets. This kick will inflict follow-up elemental damage of whichever type is already issued on the target. He also has the passive ability to decrease the stamina consumption of party members when sprinting.

Genshin Impact: New Kazuha Story Quest

Kazuha in Genshin Impact
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Act 1 of Kazuha's new story quest, called Acer Palmatum will be featured in the update. Kazuha is an Anemo five-star character, who wields a sword. We know he'll be entering a duel with another character during the story quest, but the identity of the opponent remains a mystery. Kazuha comes from a long line of renowned swordsmiths from Inazuma and is a wandering Samurai and temporary member of The Crux, captained by Beidou. Kazuha has only been available to collect once before, during an event of the same name in 2021.

Summertime Odyssey Event

The Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact.
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The event will take place on the Golden Apple Archipelago islands and will feature new challenges which utilise wind currents. The island area it is based in will have a special connection to the character, Xinyan and the other characters featured in the trailer. The event will feature the following activities:

Sailing Mode

The event will also feature a sailing mode, where players will be able to sail to different islands, utilising the burst mode of the ship. You'll be scored on the time it takes you to complete the sailing course, and how many green energy orbs you pick up along the way.

Co-op Challenge Event

Included in the event will also be a co-op challenge event named 'Reminiscent Regimen' which will feature different island-themed game modes to play with your friends.

The Resonating Visions Event

The Resonating Visions Event will return, which requires players to collect conches throughout the islands to reveal more of the story. A new Fischl outfit will be available for completing the Summertime Odyssey Event and collecting all the story conches.

New Character Skins

Along with Fischl's, a new Diluc skin will be available named 'Red Dead of Night', which can be purchased from the Genshin Impact shop. A new 'Hidden Strife' event will allow players to try out the costume, which implements new effects and a new idle animation for Diluc.

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Event

A new puzzle event called 'Evermotion Mechanical Painting' in which players will have to solve gear challenges by adding components onto a mechanical board in a select order to get it working again. The event will unlock new furnishings and EXP Materials.

Sumeru First Look

Sumeru Region in Genshin Impact
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During the Summer Fantasia livestream announcement, we also got a first glimpse at the upcoming Sumeru update. With a few lines of dialogue and stills of a lush green region, fans are eagerly anticipating the next region.

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