How to get Korra skin in Fortnite & complete all quests

How to get Korra skin in Fortnite & complete all quests
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Dave McAdam & Morgan Truder

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3rd Apr 2024 15:17

Korra has arrived in Fortnite in Chapter 5: Season 2 with her own skin and a suite of cosmetic items to unlock by completing a new set of quests.

The new battle royale season is themed around the Olympian gods of Greek mythology, but among them is the Avatar herself with her admittedly god-like powers including the Waterbending technique.

Korra joins the game as part of the Battle Pass, but much like last season's Solid Snake, she was originally locked behind a countdown. Luckily, she unlocked on April 2, and can now be earned by completing a series of challenges. 

How to unlock the Korra skin

To unlock the Korra skin in Fortnite, you'll first need to own the current season's Battle Pass. You can do this by spending 950 V-Bucks or by subscribing to the monthly Fortnite Crew membership, which includes access to the Battle Pass as one of its rewards.

Korra Fortnite skin
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Once you've done that, you'll need to complete the first page of Korra quests. These expire on May 24, 2024, alongside the rest of the Battle Pass, so make sure you get them all done before then!

You can also get a Balanced style for the Korra skin by completing the second page of Korra quests.

Balanced Korra skin in Fortnite
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All Korra quests & rewards in Fortnite

Here's the first page of Korra quests and the rewards they'll unlock when completed:

Challenge  Reward
Emerge from water Korra Loading Screen
Collect 4 Mythic Items Collect 4 Mythic Items
Do 2,000 damage to opponents before the second Storm circle starts Korra Spray
Mantle, hurdle, or slide 50 times during the daytime Water Tribe Colors Wrap
Hit the same player with a Mythic and non-Mythic weapon Waterbender’s Battle Fans Pickaxe
Complete four Page 1 Quests Korra Outfit

Just like with Snake last season, there's also a second page of quests and rewards:

Challenge Reward
Eliminate 3 opponents while you’re below 50 Health Balanced Korra Loading Screen
Collect or spend 1,500 Bars Korra Reacts Emoticon
Travel a distance of 500 units while on the train Avatar Cycle Back Bling
Hire 20 Characters or revive 20 teammates Korra’s Air Glider
Earn or pick up a Victory Crown Avatar’s Flourish Emote
Complete four Page 2 Quests Korra’s Balanced Style and elemental Banner Icon

Completing these challenges won't take too long. I completed the first page in one evening, but some of the challenges on page two are going to be a bit more time-consuming.

Fortunately, most of them will be earned organically by just playing the game. Remember, you can only earn Korra if you have the Battle Pass

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That's it for our Avatar Korra skin guide. For more, head to our Fortnite homepage where we have more Chapter 5 Season 2 guides like all the new and vaulted weapons, new map locations, patch notes, player count, and how to get the Thunderbolt of Zeus.

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