How To Dislodge A Runaway Boulder With A Slide Kick In Fortnite

How To Dislodge A Runaway Boulder With A Slide Kick In Fortnite
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24th Sep 2022 09:20

One of the Week 1 Quests of Chapter 3 Season 4 will require that you know how to dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Slide Kick in Fortnite. Considering Slide Kicking is brand-new with Chapter 3 Season 4, it's no wonder many in the Fortnite community are trying to figure out exactly how it works. So, let's go over where to find Runaway Boulders, how to Slide Kick, and how to dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Slide Kick in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Runaway Boulder Locations

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Fortnite Runaway Boulders, known in Creative as Physics Boulders, are relatively new to Fortnite. Runaway Boulders are massive stones that sit on a foundation of smaller rocks. When struck with any notable force, like a Pickaxe or a Slide Kick, Runaway Boulders will tumble downwards off their base. Rolling Runaway Boulders will obliterate any structures, vehicles, wildlife, or players in their path.

Runaway Boulders sit perched up on mountains and hilltops across the Island. Runaway Boulders are most common in areas with elevated topography, such as the Mountains Biome in the north-west corner of the Island and the region surrounding the Reality Tree and Greasy Grove.

How To Slide Kick In Fortnite

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If you know how to slide in Fortnite, you know how to Slide Kick. Crouching while sprinting will initiate a slide. But if you slide while Tactical Sprinting, you can Slide Kick. Slide into any player or object, like a Runaway Boulder, and your slide will automatically transition into a Slide Kick.

How To Dislodge A Runaway Boulder With A Slide Kick In Fortnite

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Slide Kicking is a powerful new ability in Chapter 3 Season 4, perfect for pushing back enemies that get too close or sending an opponent flying off a tall structure and to their demise. However, Slide Kicking deals minor damage to objects in the environment, as well, and can even be used to dislodge Runaway Boulders.

To dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Slide Kick, you must first locate a Runaway Boulder and then soften it up with your Harvesting Tool or a few bullets from your gun. Don't do too much damage though, or you'll dislodge it early before you get a chance to hit it with a Slide Kick.

Slide Kicks deal 25 damage, so depending on the Health of the Runaway Boulder, you may need to slide into it a couple of times before successfully dislodging it.

Deal the final blow to a Runaway Boulder with a Slide Kick in Fortnite to dislodge it from its pedestal and send it tumbling downwards into any unsuspecting enemies wandering in its path.

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