Where To Find And How To Defeat The Herald In Fortnite

Where To Find And How To Defeat The Herald In Fortnite
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21st Sep 2022 12:09

The main antagonist of Chapter 3 Season 4, Fortnite The Herald, has settled on the Island and resides in her castle of Chrome as a Boss Character. The Herald is a fearsome foe and not one that Fortnite players will want to take on without a well-thought-out strategy. So, if you have your sights set on Fortnite The Herald, keep reading for the need-to-know intel on where to find and how to defeat The Herald in Fortnite.

Fortnite The Herald: Where To Find

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As you might guess, The Herald is located at Herald's Sanctum, the Chrome-infested castle that consumed Sanctuary. 

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Fortnite The Herald: How To Defeat

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The Herald is, without a doubt, the strongest Fortnite Boss to date. To take her on and defeat her, you'll want an arsenal of weapons, full Shields, and an adequate amount of ammunition.

You will find The Herald situated in a huge open-air throne room on the northern end of the Chrome castle at Herald's Sanctum. By default, she'll be observing a Reality Tree-projecting Chrome orb in the centre of the room. But as soon as she notices you, she'll attack on sight.


Unlike past Fortnite Bosses, The Herald features some advanced mechanics that make defeating her quite difficult. When you initially unleash fire at The Herald, she'll ascend into a Chrome orb and turn invincible. Then, she'll summon two Chrome Wolves to serve as her guard dogs. While the Wolves are alive and well, The Herald will be immune to damage. To reveal her, you have to first eliminate the Wolves.

The Herald can reascend into the Chrome orb and summon her Chrome Wolves every 12 seconds, so you'll need to deal as much damage as possible while she's out and about. However, The Herald is no slouch, capable of dealing plenty of harm on her own, so try to stay in cover. The Herald can teleport too, so keep track of her if you can.

Sporting 600 Shield and 600 Health, you'll likely need to force The Herald out of her Chrome orb of immunity a few times before you can finally take her down.

Fortnite The Herald: The Herald's Burst Assault Rifle

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After your hard-fought battle, you'll find The Herald's Burst Assault Rifle lying on the floor where The Herald once stood. The Herald's Burst Assault Rifle is a Mythic version of the EvoChrome Burst Rifle and is one of the most powerful weapons ever released in Fortnite — deservingly so considering how challenging it is to acquire it.

Below are the stats of The Herald's Burst Assault Rifle:

  • Damage Per Second (DPS): 198.95
  • Damage: 23
  • Magazine Size: 28
  • Fire Rate: 8.65
  • Reload Time: 2.9s
  • Critical Hit Damage: 1.5x

Furthermore, The Herald's Burst Rifle is hitscan and features First Shot Accuracy.

Fortnite The Herald is intimidating at first, but with the right strategy, you can defeat her and claim The Herald's Burst Assault Rifle as your own.

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