How To Tactical Sprint And Mantle In Fortnite

How To Tactical Sprint And Mantle In Fortnite
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25th Mar 2022 15:21

Fortnite Tactical Sprinting and mantling are new abilities introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2. With building removed from Fortnite, it's more important than ever to understand and grasp the game's movement mechanics. This guide will go over the Boot Camp Quests and teach you how to Tactical Sprint and mantle in Fortnite.

How To Tactical Sprint In Fortnite 

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To Tactical Sprint in Fortnite, you simply hold down the sprint button and move forward. On PC, this is the left Shift key by default. On Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch — it's L3 — or down on the left stick.

The problem is, not everyone has Tactical Sprint bound. When Fortnite changed regular sprinting to be on by default, a lot of players unbound the sprint key as it was no longer necessary. Now if you want to use the new Tactical Sprint mechanic, you'll need to go into your control configurations and bind "sprint" to the key or button of your choice.

Tactical Sprinting is like normal sprinting — except even faster. When you initiate a Tactical Sprint, you will put away your equipped items and move at an enhanced speed. You can only maintain this speed for a short while, so use your stamina sparingly.

Tactical Sprinting not only allows you to move faster, but you'll jump further too and can even break through doors.

How To Mantle In Fortnite

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To mantle in Fortnite, you must leap to an elevated ledge and hold the jump button. On PC, the space bar is jump by default while this action is bound to A on Xbox, X on Playstation, and B on Nintendo Switch.

Mantling allows you to quickly pull yourself up to high ground and manoeuvre around in a previously impossible way. Now that building has been removed from Fortnite for a limited time, mantling is the only way to reach certain spots on the island.

Fortnite Tactical Sprint And Mantle: Boot Camp Quests

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When you start up Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, you'll be greeted by the Boot Camp Quests. The Boot Camp Quests are designed to get you familiar with these new movement mechanics.

Sprinting Boot Camp

The first quest in this three-part series asks that you Tactical Sprint for five seconds straight. To do this, find an open area on the island and move forward while holding your sprint key/button. When done correctly, you'll get a notification that the objective was completed.

Mantling Boot Camp

Following the Sprinting Boot Camp, we proceed straight into the Mantling Boot Camp. The Mantling Boot Camp tasks us with mantling onto a ledge three times. You'll need to use the mantle ability on three separate occasions to lift yourself up to an overhead ledge.

Sliding Boot Camp

Finally, we conclude with the Sliding Boot Camp. Check out our guide on how to slide in Fortnite if you need a refresher on this advanced movement mechanic. Slide 20 metres in total to complete the third and final Boot Camp Quest.

You will receive 45,000 XP toward your Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass and Season Level upon completion of the Boot Camp Challenges.

You now know how to slide, mantle, and Tactical Sprint in Fortnite like a pro. Use this newfound movement tech to fluidly transverse the map and run circles around the competition.


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