Where To Find Glowing Loot Animals In Fortnite

Where To Find Glowing Loot Animals In Fortnite
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16th Nov 2022 15:07

A Week 9 Quest to hunt Glowing Loot Animals in Fortnite sends players on a hunt for rare Wildlife stuffed with loot. It's not too often that you'll encounter a Glowing Loot Animal in Fortnite, but when you do, you know fortune is in your favour. The information below contains everything you need to hunt down Glowing Loot Animals in Fortnite.

What Are Fortnite Glowing Loot Animals?

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Glowing Loot Animals are rare variants of regular animals that contain within them high-tier weapons. If an animal is glowing purple, slaying it will award an Epic weapon. If the animal is surrounded by a gold aura, that means that there's a Legendary weapon inside of it.

Glowing Loot Animals function identically to your average animal. The only difference is that Glowing Loot Animals drop more than Meat.

Where To Find Glowing Loot Animals In Fortnite

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The Island is home to an abundance of Glowing Loot Animals. However, keep in mind that Glowing Loot Animals are sparse. Most Wildlife you encounter will lack luminescence.


Chickens frequent the Desert Biome, but you can also find them outside Lustrous Lagoon, Greasy Grove, and Tainted Towers. And on rare occasions, you may stumble into a Chicken in the Snow Biome.

Chickens are neutral and will flee from players. However, if you attack a Chicken, it'll turn hostile and fight back.


Crows inhabit the whole Island and can be spotted in every Biome. Look for these birds flying through the sky — or perched up on rocks, streetlights, and other structures.


Wolves are prevalent across the entire Island, but the majority of Wolves you'll encounter reside in the Grasslands Biome. Wolves are aggressive and hunt in packs, so be wary if you hear howls in the distance!


Boars populate all of Artemis and are the most common form of Wildlife on the Island. Boars are not afraid to charge at players, but they will run away if you retaliate.


Sharks are present in the oceans and lakes of Artemis. These toothy creatures will stalk you if they catch you in their territory. You can tell what rarity of loot a Shark holds by the glow of its mouth.

Hunt down a Glowing Loot Animal in Fortnite to earn high-tier arms, plus XP toward your Battle Pass and Season Level.

Transform into a beast with Fortnite Howler Claws.

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