Fortnite Howler Claws Explained

Fortnite Howler Claws Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


19th Oct 2022 10:49

The Fortnite Howler Claws is a brand-new Mythic introduced in Fortnitemares 2022. This Melee-based Fortnite Mythic is unique in that to acquire it, you must perform a Ritual at something called an Alteration Altar. With that said, you won't want to miss this limited-time opportunity to transform into a monster and stalk your opponents with the Fortnite Howler Claws.

What Are Fortnite Howler Claws?

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Howler Claws is a Melee-based Mythic that transforms the user into a wolf-like monster. Those possessed by Howler Claws are imbued with a set of three abilities:

Wolfscent Ability

Howl to activate Wolfscent, providing you with tracking vision and repeatedly marking nearby enemies. Wolfscent has a cooldown of about 20 seconds.

Enemies that are actively being hunted by a player using Wolfscent will hear an audible heartbeat as their hunter approaches.

Slash Ability

Activate Slash to perform a four-combo melee attack. Each swipe does 35 damage to players and 150 to structures, and you can use Slash roughly once per second. 

Air Slash Ability

Slash while in mid-air to perform an Air Slash, launching your character forward and tearing through any enemies or structures in the way.


How To Get Howler Claws In Fortnite


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To get Fortnite Howler Claws, you must visit an Alteration Altar and perform the Ritual Emote. When the ritual is finished, Howler Claws will be bestowed upon you.

When you step on an Alteration Altar, you'll see an option to perform the Ritual. Don't worry about equipping the Ritual Emote — your character will use it automatically.

Fortnite Howler Claws: Alteration Altar Locations


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DJ Lyka at the Reality Tree is surrounded by three Alteration Altars, but there are plenty more elsewhere. To be precise, six additional Alteration Altars exist across the rest of the Island. Look for Alteration Altars at:

  • Reality Tree
  • Chromejam Junction
  • Shiny Sound
  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Cloudy Condos
  • Shimmering Shrine
  • Flutter Barn

Cube Monsters aren't the only thing players have to fear on the Island during Fortnite Fortnitemares 2022. Use the Fortnite Howler Claws to gain supernatural wolf-like powers and track, then dice up, your foes.

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