How To Get And Use Chrome Splash In Fortnite

How To Get And Use Chrome Splash In Fortnite
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27th Sep 2022 11:36

Chrome is the predominant theme of Chapter 3 Season 4, and Fortnite Chrome Splash is at the core of it all. With Chrome Splash, you can splatter the Fortnite Island in Chrome, a mysterious element that affects anything it touches. To survive in this Chrome-infested world, you'll need to know how to get and use Chrome Splash in Fortnite.

What Is A Fortnite Chrome Splash

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Chrome Splash is an Epic rarity Consumable unique to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. You can use Chrome Splash to Chrome-ify yourself and objects in the environment. Players and objects under the effects of Chrome are infused with unique attributes.

Where To Get Chrome Splash In Fortnite

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You can obtain Chrome Splash in Fortnite via Floor Loot, Chests, and Chrome Chests. But that's not the only way to get Chrome Splash. Damaging Chrome-ifed objects will also spawn Chrome Splash. For example, hitting a Chrome-ified tree or mushroom with your Harvesting Tool or a gun will cause it to spurt out Chrome Splash. You can hold eight Chrome Splashes in a single stack.

Chrome Chests and Chrome-ifed objects are common at Fortnite Points of Interest consumed by Chrome, such as Lustrous Lagoon, Herald’s Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, and Cloudy Condos. However, you can turn regular Chests and objects into Chrome with a dose of Chrome Splash, an effective strategy for farming additional Chrome Splash.


  • Blackheart sells Chrome Splashes for 250 Gold Bars. Refer to our guide on Fortnite NPC locations to find Blackheart and other Chapter 3 Season 4 NPCs.

How To Use Chrome Splash In Fortnite

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As we touched on earlier, Chrome Splash is used to Chrome-ify players and objects in Fortnite. Chrome-ified players can press the Sprint Button to turn into a Chrome Blob. As a Chrome Blob, you are very difficult to track and hit, move quicker, can dash in the air or on the ground, and are immune to fall damage.

Another key perk of Chrome is using it to phase through structures. Chrome Walls can be passed through at will, whether the player is Chrome-ified or not. Toss Chrome Splashes at any structure, even opponent player-built structures, to smother them in Chrome and make it possible to warp through.

Last but not least, players and objects possessed by Chrome are immune to fire and regenerate health automatically every few seconds. 

Players, structures, Wildlife, vehicles, and containers like Chests, are all subject to Chrome-ification and the unique properties Chrome imposes.

Use Chrome Splashes to douse the Island in Chrome and take advantage of this bizarre Fortnite phenomenon.

Many of the Chapter 3 Season 4 Quests revolve around Chrome, like the Challenge to destroy Chrome objects and collect Chrome Anomalies in Fortnite.

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