What Is A Chrome Vortex In Fortnite?

What Is A Chrome Vortex In Fortnite?
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Coleman Hamstead


7th Nov 2022 10:27

Chrome infests the Island, and with that, Chrome Vortexes have begun to spring all over Fortnite. The Fortnite Island is no stranger to intense weather phenomena, but Chrome Vortexes are by far the most interesting of the bunch. So, let us serve as your meteorologist as we review Fortnite Chrome Vortexes.

What Is A Chrome Vortex In Fortnite?


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While you might not be familiar with the name Chrome Vortex, if you have played any Fortnite during Chapter 3 Season 4, it's almost a guarantee that you've encountered these phenomena before.

Like Fortnite Tornadoes and Lightning from previous seasons, Chrome Vortexes are extreme climate events that occur on the Island. Chrome Vortexes, in particular, are giant twisters consisting of pure Chrome.

Chrome Vortexes function nearly identically to Tornadoes, except instead of leaving destruction in its wake, anything a Chrome Vortex touches becomes Chrome-fied.

Where To Find Chrome Vortexes In Fortnite

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Honestly, Chrome Vortexes are hard to miss considering how dazzling these massive whirlwinds are. And even better, unlike Tornadoes, Chrome Vortexes are marked clearly on the in-game map.

At the time of writing, two Chrome Vortexes exist on the Fortnite Island. One Chrome Vortex always pops up at Herald's Sanctum. The other Chrome Vortex will materialise in the vicinity of Shiny Sound and Lustrous Lagoon or the area around Rocky Reels and Shimmering Shrine.

Chrome Vortexes travel as matches progress, so don't expect to find these Fortnite weather aberrations in the same exact spot every time.

How To Enter A Chrome Vortex In Fortnite


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Once you know what a Chrome Vortex is, the Week 7 Quest to enter a Chrome Vortex in Fortnite is rather simple. Approach a Chrome Vortex from the air or the ground, and when you get close enough, it'll automatically suck you in!

Success in this Challenge will net you 20K XP toward your Season Level and Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass.

Speaking of Chrome, find out how to unlock the Fortnite Chrome Punk Skin.

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