All Forspoken Voice Actors And Cast Members

All Forspoken Voice Actors And Cast Members
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10th Jan 2023 17:02

Forspoken feels like a fusion of western storytelling and Japanese game design with writing headed by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's Gary Whitta and the developer of Final Fantasy 15 Luminous Productions behind the project. The Forspoken voice cast also represents a Hollywood shine to the project. Here are all of the Forspoken voice cast members we currently know are involved. 

  • 2023 will also bring the likes of Dead Island 2 and Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores in April.

Every Forspoken Voice Cast Member

Faye Forspoken
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The Forspoken voice cast is filled with talented thespians from film, TV, and gaming. The lead role, Frey Holland, is played by Ella Balinska. She has played Jade Wesker in the Resident Evil Netflix series, Jade Kano in Charlie's Angels (2019), and Charlie in Run Sweetheart Run. Playing Frey Holland seems to be one of her biggest roles, and so far, she has done a great job of playing a charismatic New York resident in a mythical world. 

Fellow gamers may be familiar with Janina Gavankar as she has played Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2's stellar story campaign. She has also been Alison Namazi in the excellent The Morning Show TV series on Apple+. Janina Gavankar in Forspoken will be portraying Tanta Sila, an antagonist in the game. 

Cuff, the talking bracelet that is wrapped around Frey's arm, will be voiced by Jonathan Cake. The British actor has been Sir Gareth in First Knight, The Shade in the Stargirl DC series, and Cole Barker in Chuck. He's also featured as Blackbeard in Legends of Tomorrow. 

The main cast is arguably not as impressive as Final Fantasy 16's, but Balinska, Gavankar, and Cake are all talented actors I believe will perform their jobs commendably.

Other Actors In Forspoken

Forspoken Voice Actors
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Those three actors aren't the only people who star in Forspoken, which has received arguably bad trailers so far. We also know that these thespians voice characters in the game:

  • Aylam Orian as Daniel
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as Tanta Prav
  • Kaela Settle as Johedy
  • Monica Barbaro as Auden
  • Michelle C. Bonilla as Lisa
  • Kendal Rae as Tanta Cinta
  • Lianna Liew as Lauren

Once more actors are confirmed to be a part of Forspokenwe will update this list. 

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