How Many Chapters Are In Forspoken?

How Many Chapters Are In Forspoken?
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31st Jan 2023 15:46

If you've just started Square Enix's latest open-world adventure, you may be wondering to yourself, 'how many chapters are in Forspoken?'. Despite being an open-world title, many players have actually found Forspoken to be deceptively short. So, just how many chapters are there in Forspoken until you reach the end?

Warning: there are mild spoilers for the game's ending ahead, so make sure to read on with caution.

How Many Chapters Are In Forspoken?

Forspoken How Many Chapters
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In total, there are 12 chapters that players can complete in Forspoken. However, this can be shortened to 11 chapters if you decide to choose the bad ending. Give our Forspoken Endings Explained guide a read for more information on which ending you should choose.

However, if you choose the good ending, you'll be presented with an epic final chapter to close out Frey's story. There's even a hint that we could see a second Forspoken game, although we're not sure if that's likely given the game's lukewarm reception.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Forspoken?

Forspoken How Many Chapters
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If you mainline the main story of Forspoken, you should be looking at around 14.5 hours to finish what it has to offer. That's just over an hour per chapter.

However, if you want to complete all of the side quests in addition to the main story, your playthrough is likely to be closer to the 20-hour mark. Collectible hunters will be playing Forspoken for around 26 hours to find everything. All-in-all, that's a relatively modest runtime for an open-world adventure these days.

If you're struggling with finding some of those collectibles, we have plenty of guides to help you on your way. Here's where you can use Poppets and the Old Coins you find in Forspoken. Additionally, here's where you can find Nuggets and Feathers while traveling through Athia.

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