How To Turn Dialogue Down Or Off In Forspoken

How To Turn Dialogue Down Or Off In Forspoken
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24th Jan 2023 15:35

The Forspoken dialogue has been at the centre of a rather fierce debate, with some players less than keen on the quips that come from main character Frey and her talking cuff. As Forspoken is a narrative driven open world game there is likely quite a lot of dialogue, which can drive you up the wall if you're not a fan of it. However, there is a way to turn down the Forspoken dialogue, so make sure to carry on reading below to find out.

How To Turn Down Forspoken Dialogue

How To Turn Down Forspoken Dialogue
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It is thankfully a simple process if you're looking to turn down the Forspoken dialogue. Check out our step-by-step guide below for everything that you need to do:

  • Open the Settings from the Forspoken main menu.
  • Head to the Accessibility Settings tab in the bottom right.
  • Find the 'Cuff Settings' section.
  • Set Cuff Chat Frequency' to Minimal.

That will reduce the number of dialogue interactions you will receive from Cuff when roaming Athea. The only time you will hear from Cuff now will be when it is required to progress the narrative.

Can You Turn Forspoken Dialogue Off?

Can You Turn Forspoken Dialogue Off?
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There is currently no way to turn the Forspoken dialogue completely off, and there will almost likely never be the option to. As Forspoken in a narrative-driven game, there are lots of moments where you will have to hear from the characters.

Thankfully, if it is really getting on your nerves you can just skip the cutscenes and move straight back to the gameplay. There is still a fair amount of speech when you are just roaming, but that can obviously be reduced by adjusting the Cuff dialogue settings above.

So, that should give you all the information you need if you wanted to turn the Forspoken dialogue off or down. Check out this Forspoken voice actors guide if you wanted to see who the faces behind each voice you hear in-game are.

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