Where To Use Poppets And Old Coins In Forspoken

Where To Use Poppets And Old Coins In Forspoken
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31st Jan 2023 16:33

You might justifiably be wondering where to use Poppets and Old Coins in Forspoken if you've picked any up, as all of the uses can end up being quite hidden. There are plenty of valuable items to collect in Forspoken, and you can often exchange these for upgrades, gear, and even benefits. So, make sure to read the rest of this guide if you want to find out where to use Poppets and Old Coins in Forspoken, as we have all of the answers below.

Where To Use Poppets in Forspoken

Where To Use Poppets in Forspoken
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Poppets in Forspoken are little wooden dolls that you can find after following the various stray cats around Cipal. While you might not initially know what to do with these strange dolls, they can be traded for some really strong effects so it is definitely worth making use of them.

You can use Poppets in Forspoken at the Trading Spot which is found in the main city, Cipal. This is not available until at least chapter four, and does not have a fixed location in the city. It can be found by looking for the same icon with two arrows used for all trading points in the game like the Book Shop.

You can trade Poppets for various rare crafting materials and even gear items, so it is really worth your while to try and pick them up.

Where To Use Old Coins in Forspoken

Where To Use Old Coins in Forspoken
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Much like Poppets, Old Coins might not be used as traditional currency but instead are used to trade for various items. The amount of options available for you to purchase with Old Coins is quite a bit bigger, with two main traders that you can source your items.

The first is the Book Shop, which is found in central Cipal. Much like the Trading Post it is shown by the two arrows icon, so it is very easy to find. It is usually found in the row of market stalls next to the fast travel icon though, so always check there first.
The Book Shop primarily gives effects to items when crafting, like increasing your critical hit chance, so it is a good idea to check here to see if there's anything you want to pick up before upgrading your gear.

Alternatively, you can head to the hidden Curiosity Shop to make some larger purchases with any Old Coins that you might have saved up. There are items you can purchase here which widen your mana collection range, or the Comfy Pillow which grants you additional bonuses upon sleep. However, the Sewing Kit at 64 Old Coins is the main draw, as it will allow you to unlock the best necklace and cloak in Forspoken.

Where To Use Old Coins in Forspoken Curiosity Shop
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To find the Curiosity Shop, you will need to first head to Inner Visoria. If you can see the giant mountain in the middle, then you will be able to see the Curiosity Shop on the western side. Alternatively, using the Inner Visoria Belfry on the opposite eastern side can help you out if you're struggling to locate it. The shop is inside of an isolated house with a break-affected zombie at the counter waiting to serve you.

So, that should be all you need if you were wondering where to use Poppets and Old Coins in Forspoken. Make sure to check out all red magic spells in Forspoken if you want the full swathe of Tanta Sila's magic powers.

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