Players Joke That Joss Whedon Directed 'Awful' Forspoken Trailer

Players Joke That Joss Whedon Directed 'Awful' Forspoken Trailer
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Joseph Kime


11th Aug 2022 12:37

Forspoken is still on the way, and despite worries that it could be delayed into the pits of 2023, the RPG is still stepping out onto shaky ground. Hey, 2005 called - it wants its dialogue back. 

Not everyone is convinced by Luminous Productions' game and its concepts, and as early previews suggest the game's writer's room lacks diversity has had an impact on the way that the narrative of Forspoken feels, hopes aren't particularly high. On the subject of fears about writing, the latest Forspoken teaser trailer hasn't exactly reassured fans that it's going to be something special.

What's Wrong With The Forspoken Teaser?

The latest teaser trailer for Forspoken has spilled out onto the game's Twitter account, which has left fans making jokes at the expense of the horrific dialogue. "So let me get this straight," says lead character Frey Holland. "I'm somewhere that's not what I could call Earth, I'm seeing freaking dragons, and - oh yeah - I'm talking to a cuff! Yeah, okay, that is something I do now." Oh please, make it stop.

The dialogue is stripped straight out of a C-grade script from the snarkiest depts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has conjured up throwbacks to Joss Whedon's sometimes questionable dialogue choices. Although Whedon gave us the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the first two Avengers movies, he's not exactly Shakespeare.  

It's clear as day that the impact of action movies with a sarcastic lead have made their presence felt in Forspoken. The monologue is agonising, and it's something that may as well have been peeled from any Whedon project - especially 2017's Justice League. Safe to say, fans are going nuts with the abysmal trailer.


Fans Roast The New Forspoken Teaser

Players have wasted no time in rinsing the trailer, taking its style and plastering it onto other games to show just how bizarre and silly it is.

Square Enix has championed Forspoken as having witty dialogue, but in reality, it's anything but. Games like Skyrim have become known for their toe-curling lines, but remember, it came out in 2011. You'd think that in 2022, we'd left this kind of dialogue in something like Fallout: New Vegas. With some games, it works, but in Forspoken, it's more than a little jarring. 


The trailer hasn't really done much to make fans feel better about the potential quality of the game, as Forspoken remains a title that the gaming industry isn't entirely convinced by. Perhaps not the intended effect you were going for with that trailer. 

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