Forspoken Dragon Boss: How To Beat & Recommended Magic

Forspoken Dragon Boss: How To Beat & Recommended Magic
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24th Jan 2023 17:17

You will encounter the Forspoken dragon boss fight early on in the game, and it can be quite challenging if you aren't quite sure what to do. Between parkour and magic, combat can get quite hectic in Forspoken, so with big bosses like the dragon it is best to know what you're doing. So, if you're stuck on the Forspoken dragon boss, make sure to check out the guide below to find out how to beat it.

Forspoken Dragon Boss Fight Tips

Forspoken Dragon Boss Fight Tips
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As always, any boss fight can be separated between dealing damage and avoiding incoming enemy attacks and this is still very much the case for the Forspoken dragon boss. It has very clear weak points and three levels of attack that you must respond to differently in order to deal with them.

In terms of attacking, the dragon's weak point is within its exposed chest where the fire is sourcing from. It is vulnerable in this area so you will be able to deal extra damage. Hitting any other part of the dragon's body however will result in reduced damage as its scales have resistance against your magic.

Our personal choice for offensive magic is the Scatter Shot, as it allows you to fire a flurry of magic towards the weak spot ensuring that you hit it as much as possible. For support magic though, it is best as always to rotate through them all to avoid any cooldowns.

Finally, ensure that you make use of the big L2+R2 attack whenever it is available to you, as that can wipe off a significant chunk of the dragon's health. Only pops up very infrequently though, so make sure that you use it wisely.

From a defensive standpoint, making use of your newly acquired parkour ability is the key to succeeding in this fight. As Frey has no means of blocking outside of her Shield magic, mobility is what will save you from any incoming attacks.

You can use Cuff's shield to take the damage of any standard attacks from the dragon, although that will eventually run out leaving you exposed. If you want to dodge though, all you need to do is press the parkour button (mapped to circle by default) just before the attack hits and you will avoid all damage.

Piercing Attacks

Forspoken Dragon Boss Fight Piercing Attack
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The second attack type for the Forspoken dragon is the piercing attack, and this one is more dangerous as it can go straight through Cuff's protective barrier and deal massive damage to your health. 

For the piercing attacks, it is imperative that you use the parkour to dodge, but thankfully they are signalled very clearly so that you are aware of when they're coming. Piercing attacks will be forecast when three bright purple lines extend from the centre of the dragon, so be prepared to dodge shortly after.

Unblockable Attacks

The final attack type that you will have to be wary of is the unblockable attacks. For the dragon, these are widespread fire-breath attacks, but they are likely to appear when fighting any other challenging foe in the game.

With these - as the name suggests - you are unable to block them or even dodge out of the way. Your only course of action is to run away using your speedy parkour or to find safety behind some cover.

While they do not have a clear signal like the piercing attacks, unblockable attacks are usually signposted by a long wind-up, where the enemy is 'active' but dealing no attacks. Use this downtime to create distance or find a safe spot.

However, the dragon's second stage has an unblockable attack that is best dealt with by standing right next to it as that is the blind spot. This seems to be the only unblockable attack to appear within the second stage, so whenever the dragon starts breathing in make sure to stick closely to its body until the fire is cleared.

So, that's all the information you should need if you are struggling to beat the Forspoken dragon boss. If Cuff is proving to be annoying to listen to, however, make sure to read this guide on how to turn the dialogue down or off in Forspoken.

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