All Final Fantasy 16 Voice Actors

All Final Fantasy 16 Voice Actors
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15th Dec 2022 10:56

Final Fantasy 16 will be approaching us this summer, but we already have an extensive list of voice actors for the game. From Jamestown's Ben Starr to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga's David Menkin, here are all the Final Fantasy 16 voice actors. 

All Major Final Fantasy 16 Voice Actors

Final Fantasy 16 Joshua
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Image via Square Enix

It's always exciting to find out the cast of a Final Fantasy game before it releases, so we're proud to present who will be voicing the leading characters of the 16th entry in the legendary series. 

The main protagonist Clive Rosfield will be performed by Ben Starr. He has been Dr. Christopher Priestley in the Jamestown TV series and Captain James Hawdon in Dickensian. He seems to be typecast into roles that transport you back in time, making Starr seemingly perfect for the role of Clive Rosfield. Final Fantasy 16 has more of a classical medieval-like world, and Square Enix previously stated they're not using American actors that will take you out of the experience. 

Clive's brother Joshua is portrayed by Logan Hannan. The actor is an actual kid but he's already had experience as Hugo in the critically acclaimed A Plague Tale series. He's also played Custard in Earwig and the Witch from Studio Ghibli. 

Jill Warwick has two different actors attached to her. Charlotte McBurney is the child version while Susannah Fielding is the adult. McBurney has been Hugo's sister Amicia in A Plague Tale series. She was recently nominated for Best Performance at The Game Awards. Speaking of The Game Awards, a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16 was released during the show. Fielding has starred in This Time With Alan Partridge, The Man, and Life. She also voiced Amy Simpson in Forza Horizon 5

  • We can confirm that the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion remaster can be played on the Steam Deck.

Other Voice Actors In Final Fantasy 16

Voice Actors Final Fantasy 16
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Image via Square Enix

The main cast of Final Fantasy 16 has quite an experienced repertoire of acting behind them, even the kid actor Logan Hannan. However, there are even more talented voice actors in Final Fantasy 16, including:

  • Nina Yndis as Benedikta Harman
  • Alex Lanipekun as Hugo Kupka 
  • David Menkin as Barnabas Tharmr
  • Ralph Ineson as Cidolfus Telamon 
  • Stewart Clarke as Dion Lesage. 

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