How To Get The Best Gear In Forspoken

How To Get The Best Gear In Forspoken
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30th Jan 2023 10:46

Getting your hands on the best gear in Forspoken can really help you out when fighting even the toughest foes in Athia. While it is your magic that does the damage, your gear in Forspoken can give you enhancements that can make or break any battle. So, to see all of the Forspoken best gear including cloaks, nails, and necklaces, make sure to carry on reading below.

What Is The Best Gear In Forspoken?

Forspoken Best Gear
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As mentioned, the gear in Forspoken doesn't do any damage to your foes, nor does it have any form of 'armour' that can protect you better. Instead, each piece of gear gives you various stat boosts and conditional assists that can really boost your strength and help you close out tough fights.

While some of the gear in this guide is good in all situations, some pieces do tend to work better when used against specific types of enemies. Gear that gives you boosts after getting a kill is functionally redundant against bosses for example, so it is sometimes best to tweak your set based on your current fight.

Best Cloaks In Forspoken

Best Cloaks In Forspoken
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Here is a selection of the best cloaks in Forspoken, alongside the benefits you get with each item:

  • Pelerine: Critical hits restore HP
  • Unstoppable: Magic cast during parkour does more damage
  • Faultless: Critical hit chance increase when at high HP
  • Gracious: Defence is boosted after using a healing item

You can also enhance all of your cloaks with various other effects too, while additionally boosting your own stats and magical prowess. While this does cost resources, it is well worth doing as you can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the item.

Best Necklaces In Forspoken

Best Necklaces In Forspoken
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Here are our choices for the best necklaces in Forspoken:

  • Phool Sa: Deal more damage to Nightmares
  • Orison: Gain auto-heal after defeating an enemy
  • Shrift: Damage is boosted when Surge Magic is not fully charged

Much like the cloaks, you can enhance all of the necklaces above with other effects, while also boosting your own stats to increase your overall power.

Best Nails In Forspoken

Best Nails In Forspoken
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Take a look at the list below to see all of our choices for the best nails in Forspoken:

  • Aftershock: Killer blows generate a shockwave, spell damage +2%
  • Amped: Damage boost when around lots of enemies, Frey spell damage +5%
  • Clutch: Healing item effect is increased when health is low, spell damage +2%
  • Flaunt: Damage boost when your health is high, spell damage +2%
  • Frostbite: Top level Attack Magic can freeze enemies, Prav spell damage +5%
  • Grit: Damage boost when low on health, spell damage +2%
  • Hope: Damage boost based on number of Frey spells learned, Frey spell damage +5%
  • Ignite: Top level attack magic can set enemies on fire, Sila spell damage +5%
  • On Point: Top level attacks deal more damage, Frey spell damage +5%
  • Savage: Damage boost based on number of spells learned, spell damage +2%
  • Wired: Top level magic can electrocute enemies, Olas spell damage +5%

As you can see there is a plethora of nail options that can boost your overall performance. Which ones you choose can often depend on which magic set you are using though, so it is best to tool your gear to suit your current situation. Remember that you can use a different nail type for each hand, so feel free to mix and match to suit yourself best.

So, that should give you the answers if you were wondering what is the best gear in Forspoken. Make sure to check out this all purple magic spells in Forspoken guide to see what is on offer for Frey.

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