Forspoken Endings Explained: Both Endings Revealed

Forspoken Endings Explained: Both Endings Revealed
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Reaching the end of Chapter 11 might leave you wanting both of the Forspoken endings explained, as there is a very clear split in the story at this point. The two options given to you in Forspoken are very different, so it can be quite tricky to figure out which one you should choose. Thankfully, you won't have to worry anymore with this Forspoken endings explained guide, as we have all of the details of both endings below to save you all of the trouble.

Forspoken Endings Explained

Forspoken Endings Explained
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As mentioned, at the end of Chapter 11 you will be presented with two portals. One will send you to Cipal to fight Susurrus and save Athia from the corruption that has blighted the land. The alternative, on the other hand, will send Frey home to New York - which is of course what she has wanted ever since she was thrown into the chaos of Athia.

They are both wildly different endings so it is worth experiencing both to get the whole story, but we have an overview of what each one is below if you want to save yourself the trouble. One thing to note is that you can create a separate save state when presented with this choice, making it very easy to jump back and choose the ending you didn't opt for.

Just as a forewarning: there are obviously spoilers ahead, so make sure to read on with caution.

Forspoken Good Ending: Saving Athia & Fighting Susurrus

Forspoken Endings Explained Good Ending
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The portal on the left will transport you back to Cipal where you will fight Susurrus and aim to save Athia from the dangerous corruption. Your mother Tanta Cinta - now in the form of a dragon - is here to help you out, with the first section of this ending being played entirely with you on her back.

She is then unfortunately killed by Susurrus, but that allows you to claim her powers as Frey. While you don't gain a new magic moveset, your magic damage is greatly increased, and you gain the ability to 'Skip', where Frey jumps into a portal and is invulnerable for a short period of time.

Depleting Susurrus' health bar will send you into a cutscene where Frey is initially heavily damaged by an attack from the demon. However, she is then surrounded by the spirits of the four Tantas, allowing her to regain strength and consume Susurrus, ending the fight.

Frey then wakes up in a saved Cipal surrounded by her friends and sets off a paper lantern in memory of her mother. There is also a mid-credits scene where Frey speaks to her cat Homer again, and a post-credits scene where she encourages Auden to join the Cipal council.

Additionally, there is space left for a potential sequel too, as Frey mentions to Auden in the post-credits scene that the break is still present within the other realms despite being cleansed from Cipal. This could just be a means for you to keep playing in the post-game, but it could also be a jumping point for Frey's story to continue - especially considering that she is now permanently stuck imbued with the spirit of Cuff/Susurrus.

Forspoken Bad Ending: Return to New York

Forspoken Endings Explained Bad Ending
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The New York portal is not only the bad ending in that you don't take the moral route of saving Cipal, but it is also just a terrible way to end the game. All that happens after you enter through the portal is a 30-second cutscene of Frey walking through New York with Homer in her arms, inferring that her life has returned to what it was at the start.

While this is perhaps what Frey might have wanted for the majority of the game, it very much feels at odds with the direction of the final few chapters. Beyond this, we don't even see any interaction with the judge, or how her life plays out beyond this, making this an incredibly suboptimal choice.

Considering that there are no additional trophies gained for choosing this ending over the Athia one, you are best to steer clear unless you have an additional save state. We would very much not recommend choosing this at your first ending.

So, that should give you all the information you needed about the two Forspoken endings, giving you a short explanation of them both if you were left a bit confused. If you want to be as strong as possible in the post-game though, find out how to get the best gear in Forspoken with this guide.

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