Is Forspoken Co-Op?

Is Forspoken Co-Op?
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Chris Penwell


23rd Dec 2022 14:16

Forspoken seems like a promising new IP from Square Enix with its magnificent graphics and intriguing storyline. However, can you experience Forspoken with a friend in co-op? We answer your question below.

Can You Play Forspoken Co-op? 

Forspoken Multiplayer
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If you're expecting to play Forspoken co-op with a friend offline or online, you'll be sorely disappointed. The PlayStation console exclusive Forspoken is purely a single-player experience as you explore the mythical world of Athia and try to find a way to return Frey back to New York City. 

That doesn't necessarily mean that Forspoken will be single player forever. The developer of Forspoken Luminous Productions has implemented a multiplayer mode into a game before in Final Fantasy XV. While it isn't necessarily popular, Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades is a competent well-running co-op experience. Perhaps, you can invite your friends to play it if you crave a Forspoken co-op experience. 

  • Forspoken has its fair share of bad trailers. What do you think?

Multiplayer Experiences Like Forspoken

Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Co-op
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Forspoken plays uniquely with many spells and abilities at your disposal; there's also an element of parkour within the movement of the game. This makes it somewhat difficult to recommend multiplayer experiences like Forspoken, but we may have found some. 

Square Enix itself has published Marvel's Avengersan online multiplayer experience that comes after completing the excellent main campaign. While the rewards for completing quests aren't as fantastic as you'd like, each character like the Hulk, Ms Marvel, and Iron Man plays differently from each other. The combat is pretty fun as you smash your way through enemies. It can be repetitive but if you turn off your brain for a few hours with friends, you may be in for a great experience. You also have the chance to explore fairly expansive areas like New York and Wakanda along the way. Scarlet Witch may be an upcoming character to the game.

Another multiplayer experience like Forspoken that you can sink your teeth into is Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter RiseThey each provide vibrant environments to explore and with each monster you slay, you get fur to make new equipment and gorgeous armour. Part of the fun is to figure out the strategy behind taking out each majestic creature in the wild. 

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