What Is The Fire Emblem Engage Release Time?

What Is The Fire Emblem Engage Release Time?
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19th Jan 2023 16:37

Fire Emblem Engage is the first big Nintendo release of 2023, setting the stage for what looks to be an incredible year for Switch players. After a few quiet weeks of game releases following Christmas, players around the world are eager to get their hands on a brand-new title.

With such anticipation surrounding the game, it’s no surprise that many want to jump in as soon as they can. With it preloaded and ready to go, the waiting game is underway. If you want to know the exact release time for Fire Emblem Engage, we luckily have the answer for you.

What Is The Fire Emblem Engage Release Time?

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With such a story-focused game, one that looks to be filled with fan service and surprises, it’s understandable why a majority of players want to dive into Fire Emblem Engage as soon as possible. Unfortunately, clicking the game tile on your Nintendo Switch repeatedly won’t speed up the process.

Instead, anyone who is eager to jump straight into Fire Emblem Engage will have to wait until midnight on January 20th at their local time. There is no global launch at the same time, so even if somewhere else in the world hits that time before you, you’re still going to have to be patient and wait.

Unlike systems such as Xbox, you can’t simply switch regions to make things speed up either. The good news is, no matter where you are in the world, you’re only a few hours away from being able to dive into one of the biggest games this month.

If you are really desperate, you could set up a Nintendo Switch account for a territory that is currently past the release time, but if you’ve pre-ordered it already, you would have to purchase the game again. At this point, it’s probably worth holding out a few more hours to play Fire Emblem Engage.

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