When is the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update? Thrills & Frills, Star Path, 2024 roadmap

When is the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update? Thrills & Frills, Star Path, 2024 roadmap
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With 'The Laugh Floor' update drawing to a close, Gameloft has teased plenty about the upcoming patch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, known as 'Thrills and Frills' - and we'll finally be seeing an iconic member of The Sensational Six entering the Valley.

Following on from the arrival of Mike and Sulley as villagers earlier this year and the A Rift in Time update from December of 2023, if you're like me and have cooked your way through all of the recipes and maxed out your friendship levels, stick around and I'll tell all about the game's next update.

What is the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update?

Gameloft has now revealed that Update 10 is called 'Thrills and Frills'. In it, Valley residents who want to team up with friends will be able to do more than what's currently available, as they have the chance to use their Royal Tools and fish, harvest, and use their own Dreamlight together to vanquish Night Thorns plaguing your world.  

Additionally, gamers will be able to take selfies with one another in multiplayer and use the camera when riding the attractions in-game - just make sure to look out for any possible motion sickness!

Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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A Touch of (more) Magic

Since Disney Dreamlight Valley's launch, the only instance we've really had of Daisy Duck being in-game was through the figurehead on Donald Duck's house, but with Update 10, Daisy will be entering the Valley as a Villager as part of the free update!

Daisy's arrival also ties into what we now know to be the Boutique, something that has been teased over the past couple of weeks. On April 16, 2024, Gameloft made a post on X (formerly Twitter) stating, "Does anyone else wish they could share their Touch of Magic designs with friends during Valley Visits?" 

In the building, which was previously marked down as an April Fools' joke, where an image of a new building was shared said to be "Olaf's Snow Sculpture Emporium", players will be able to share their Touch of Magic designs at the Boutique, and visiting Villagers can also get these outfits for their own use!

Weekly design challenges from Daisy will also unlock additional rewards for residents to use, alongside new Touch of Magic items.

You've got Villager mail!

Alongside all that, Update 10 will also add mail from Valley Villagers to the game, with a post shared on April 17 stating "Don't forget to check your mailbox!"

I'm really intrigued by this feature, personally, and while there are no details on how often 'regular' will be, I think it'll go a long way in helping the world of DDV itself to feel that much more alive.

Do we know when Update 10 launches?

Image showing when the Thrills and Frills update goes live in DDV
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Update 10 will launch on May 1, 2024. This follows on from the previous update which arrived at the tail end of February on the 28th, with the roadmap stating that the next content offering is slated to launch in "Early Spring 2024".

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024 roadmap details

Looking ahead to throughout 2024, there's plenty to get excited for in the future too, as it looks like we'll be seeing the inclusion of a "vibrant new Villager" (which we now know to be Daisy Duck).

Alongside that, we'll be getting a new realm in Spring 2024 (which seems to be Mulan-themed, based on the cherry blossoms and mention of "dynasty"), and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

You can see everything set to arrive up until Summer 2024 in the image below:

Image showing the content roadmap of updates for Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Back to Eternity Isle

For those with the A Rift in Time pass, the update on May 1st will also add more to do in Ancient's Landing, as well as being able to "befriend a very lucky villager".

The DDV community have speculated on whether this could be either Figment or Oswald, but it's now been confirmed to be Oswald - shown in the screenshot below!

Oswald in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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This follows on from a previous post which stated that a "rift in time" has caused the in-game dialogue and Disney Dreamlight Valley's profile picture on X to change - with both taking on a grayscale colour scheme and in the case of the dialogue particularly, a silent movie title card styling. 

Alongside that, there'll be even more story and puzzles to dive into, and the Royal Hourglass will also provide more upgrades by levelling it up and unlocking new items like Scramblecoin figurines.

Oswald entering the valley will also bring in items that reference the era of silent film from when he was first introduced, including his grayscale, movie theatre house!

A monkey in Disney Dreamlight Valley that has been turned black and white by Oswald
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He'll also turn some of the things that he can interact with black and white. In the Developer Update, this was shown to be critters that wander Eternity Isle - how cute is that?!

Do we know what the next Star Path is?

During the developer update on Disney Dreamlight Valley's YouTube channel on April 24, 2024, it was revealed that the next Star Path is called 'A Day at Disney'.

Screenshot of some of the A Day at Disney Star Path items
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This comes after a post on Gameloft's X account with a few strings of emojis, where they asked gamers to guess what they thought each one could mean for the upcoming theme.

In it, there's a popcorn bucket with a squirrel, some sparkles with a car and a dog, and a pretzel with an emoji of a standing person.

Some users in the replies speculated that the first one could be a popcorn-themed squirrel, and a post was shared the following day confirming the adorable companion to be one of the rewards (look at its cute little outfit and the popcorn bucket that has kernels popping out of it!)

Additionally, it's been confirmed that items from the previous parks-themed Star Path would also be returning via the in-game Premium Shop that rotates its stock weekly.

Lastly, in a press release, some of the items confirmed to be in this season's Star Path are the Alien Swirling Saucers and Magic Carpets of Aladdin alongside new Dream Styles for both Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse!

Which characters could be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Compiling all of the information we've seen from the roadmaps and looking at the information shown in promotional materials and trailers for the game, the only villagers we don't have yet that we could see arriving (they have not been confirmed as of yet) is Cinderella and Ralph from Wreck-it-Ralph.

Screenshot with Wreck-It Ralph circled
Click to enlarge

Cinderella in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a villager have not yet received
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Giving further credence to their arrivals, Belle and Rapunzel were also teased during these promotions, which you can see below:

Vaillagers in the Peaceful Meadow biome of Disney Dreamlight Valley with red circles around Belle and what looks to be Rapunzel's tower
Click to enlarge

Whether they will appear in-game remains to be seen, but we'll update you accordingly as we learn more as additional updates and content roadmaps are shared for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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