Disney Dreamlight Valley Shop reset, all Premium items & prices this week (April 10)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Shop reset, all Premium items & prices this week (April 10)
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The Premium Shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great place to pick up some extra furniture, house skins, and more if you have some Moonstones burning a hole in your pockets - but what's available in this week's lineup now it's reset?

Every week like clockwork, the offerings in the Disney Dreamlight Valley store will reset, bringing a different selection of items to pick up, so make sure you don't miss out if you see anything you like!

Here's what you can find in the Premium Shop this week, alongside a rundown of where to earn and get Moonstones in your game if you need a little boost to your funds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Premium Shop items this week

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In the Premium Shop this week, players can find everything from a charming Purple Cottage home skin (which is my personal favourite and the one that I use in-game for my own player home) to an IncrediSquirrel companion.

This week has a total of eight purchasable items or bundles on offer, up from last week's four items:

Bundle or Item Name Price Includes
Purple Cottage 3,000 Purple Cottage skin for the player's home
IncrediSquirrel 2,000 IncrediSquirrel companion
Pirate's Map and Relics Bundle 2,000 1 Mao Kun Map Table, 1 Fountain of Youth, 1 Chalice of Cartagena, 4 Metal Grates
Pizza Planet 2,500 Pizza Planet furniture
Mike and Sully's Apartment 3,000 Mike and Sully's Apartment skin for the player's home
Gift Bag Bundle 1,000 Fancy Snowflake Gift Bag accessory
Summer Vacation Scrooge 2,500 Summer Vacation Scrooge outfit for Scrooge McDuck
Art Deco TV and Stand 1,500 Art Deco TV and Stand furniture

As part of The Laugh Floor update, a new Bundle is available in the shop, the 'Starlight House Bundle'. For 4,000 Moonstones, this adds new furniture and items to dress up your avatar and home with, alongside a new Dream Style appearance for Belle.

It's the one that she wears when the Beast shows her the library in the movie, and I'm thrilled because it was always one of my favourites!

The other two bundles, the 'Designer WALL-E Dream Bundle' and 'Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle', are each also still available for 4,000 Moonstones. These both include a special quest, a new look for Ursula, and WALL-E, outfits and other items.

Make sure to check back next week for a rundown of what you'll be able to purchase next.

When does the Premium Shop reset?

Following the game's 'The Remembering' update in 2023, the Premium Shop now resets each week on a Wednesday at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST, meaning that the next one will arrive on April 17, 2024.

This means that there's plenty of time for Valley residents to purchase something from each weekly rotation - especially if you're trying to save up Moonstones from the most recent Star Path.

How to buy Moonstones

To purchase Moonstones, simply follow these steps when in-game:

  • To the top-right of your screen is an icon with three horizontal lines. Press the corresponding key shown next to it
  • In the following window that appears, select 'Shop'
  • On the left-hand side will now be a 'Moonstone' prompt - select that
  • Click on the pack you'd like to buy, select the 'Price' box in the bottom-right-hand corner
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase

You'll now be able to enjoy your hard-earned Moonstones to purchase that item you've got your eye on (or to activate the Premium Star Path with).

How to earn Moonstones for free

While the option of purchasing the premium currency is always there, Moonstones can be earned for free in Disney Dreamlight Valley; however, it will likely take some time to earn the amount you'd like, especially if it's to purchase something in the Premium Shop.

Image of a Moonstone chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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You can earn them through gameplay in three main methods: by finding chests in the world, through the Star Path as rewards, and by participating in the new DreamSnaps challenge feature.

To earn the former, you'll need to look for blue chests throughout the world. One of these will spawn a day, providing you with 50 free Moonstones.

A Star Path - Disney Dreamlight Valley's version of a Battle Pass - will also reward you with Moonstone rewards as you earn Tokens by completing different tasks. It's viable to earn them without spending a single penny, it may just take you a little longer overall.

Lastly, Disney Dreamlight Valley also has a photo challenge mode called DreamSnaps. Within the challenge, you will be tasked with meeting specific photo requirements and will go up against other players for rewards.

Players can earn a minimum of 300 Moonstones per week for participating in the challenge, with extra Moonstones available depending on your ranking within the challenge. You can also earn an additional 50 Moonstones per week by voting for your favourite participants.

Moonstone price list for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image of the Moonstones packages you can buy in-game in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Click to enlarge

As with many live-service games, there is an assortment of varying Moonstone packs on offer at different prices, with the larger (and higher-priced) packs offering a substantial jump in the amount you'll receive.

The packs available are:

  • Small Moonstone Pack (1,200): £4.49/$4.99
  • Regular Moonstone Pack (2,500): £6.99/$9.99
  • Big Moonstone Pack (5,500): £17.99/$19.99
  • Huge Moonstone Pack (14,500): £44.99/$49.99

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