How to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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3rd May 2024 10:15

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is one of the two new villagers added to Disney Dreamlight Valley with the Thrills & Frills update - the other being Daisy Duck. To unlock him as a villager in the game, you must have A Rift in Time DLC and complete a series of quests that many might find challenging.

So, if you want to move Oswald the Lucky Rabbit into the valley, keep reading my guide as I explain the quests required for unlocking Oswald and how you can get and complete them. 

How to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

To unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must complete his quest "The Spark of Imagination" and "Oswald's Many Dimensions." However, getting the quest requires you to progress "The Sunken Ruins" quest from Merlin.

Assuming you have completed the previous quests for the Rift in Time expansion and have unlocked the DLC characters, you will automatically get the objective to "Meet with Merlin in his Library," marking the beginning of The Sunken Ruins quest.

How to complete The Sunken Ruins quest

Once you talk to Merlin, you will get the next objective, "Find Flickers using your Hourglass" in the following realms:

  • In the Moana, Ratatouille or WALL-E Realms
  • In Dreamlight Valley, where Villagers first arrive from the Realms
  • On Eternity Isle, in a similar place

You will find three Flickers in Moana, Ratatouille or WALL-E realms, four in the Plaza area and another four near The Docks on the Eternity Isle. 

Next, you must return and "Follow Merlin to the Ancient Ruins." After a short cutscene, the doors to the ruins will open up. Head inside, talk to Merlin, and now, it's time to "Take a picture of each chamber in the Ancient Ruins." To progress ahead, head to the:

  • West chamber and take a picture of the mysterious pedestal. 
  • North chamber and take a picture of the ancient computer. 
  • East chamber and take a picture of the set of musical notes. 

Once you do that and talk to Merlin, you will complete The Sunken Ruins quest and unlock the next series of quests listed below:

  • A Bit of Help From Your Friends
  • All the Right Notes
  • Hero Pose 
  • Does Not Compute 

A Bit of Help From Your Friends is the next main quest, which progresses only after you complete the other three quests. 

How to complete All the Right Notes quest

To complete the All the Right Notes quest, you must talk to Rapunzel, find Mother Gothel's recipe near the bed, open your inventory, select it, and click on the 'Use' button. 

Your next task is to "Dig up Mother Gothel's Purple Seeds in the Promenade." Look for the glowing spots with purple plants and dig them using the Shovel tool. 

Now, you must plant, water and harvest the seeds you have obtained to get Mother Gothel's Herbs. After that, you must gather the following ingredients:

  • Turnip
  • Paprika
  • Yam
  • Majestea
  • Agave

Next, head to any Cooking Station and make "Mother Gothel's Soup" and "Mother Gothel's Tea," bring them to Rapunzel and wait for five minutes to complete the quest. 

How to complete the Hero Pose quest

To get started with the quest, talk to Gaston and find him Golden Ingredients inside the Cave of Wonders, which are:

  • Golden Eggs
  • Gemstone Cheese
  • Aged Venison 
  • Golden Milk 
  • Golden Pepper

To obtain them, dig the pile of gold using the Shovel tool. Now, head to any Cooking Station and make the Golden Omelette using the obtained ingredients.

Once done, it's time for another run for items, as now, you must make LeFou using the following things:

  • Bronze Ingot 
  • Jade
  • Bumblestone
  • Alexandrite 
  • Spinel
  • Points from Rapunzel's Tower

After finding the items, head to a Crafting Bench and under "Functional Items," craft the "Shiny LeFou" and take it to Gaston to complete the quest. 

How to complete Does Not Compute quest

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Talk to EVE and investigate the map in your inventory to get started with the quest. That said, on the map, you will find highlighted locations and Royal Tool beside it. Head to each location and use the respective Royal Tool to obtain the following items:

  • Ancient Slate
  • Ancient Dictionary
  • Ancient Processor Blueprint
  • Ancient Processor Crystal
  • Ancient Power Sphere

After obtaining the items, head to the Timebending Table and repair the Ancient Processor, which also requires three Ancient Gears, Plates and Magnets.

Now, you must take pictures of things that meet the below descriptions:

  • Something round with holes. (Coffee Table)
  • Some sort of power output. (Lightbulb near the door)
  • Some glassy globes. (Ceiling Lamp)

Once again, you must hunt down the following materials to make the Universal Adapter:

  • Oasis Glass
  • Plastic Scrap 
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Brass Ingot 

When you are done collecting items, head to the Crafting Bench and in the Functional Items section, craft the Universal Adapter and take it to EVE to complete the quest. 

How to complete A Bit of Help From Your Friends

Assuming you have followed my guide so far and have completed the above quests, to progress and complete A Bit of Help From Your Friends quest, head inside the Ancient Ruins and talk to EVE, Gaston and Rapunzel. 

Once done, you must "Find a way to restore power to the Ancient Console." You can do that using the Power Coils you can obtain by breaking the nearby Pile of Rocks using the Pickaxe. Take and submit the Power Coils in the Power Sockets on the wall of each chamber, and finally, step on the pressure plate behind the Ancient Console.

DDV Music Note Puzzle
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Now, go and talk to either Gaston in the West Chamber or Rapunzel in the East Chamber and complete their request to help them. After that, you must figure out the right arrangement of the notes to solve the musical notes puzzle. 

To solve it, interact with the leftmost note once, the middle note four times and the last two times. Now, activate the pressure plates, and soon after, you will complete the quest. 

That concludes our guide on how to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While you are here, check out our guide on how to play Scramblecoinhow unlocking multiplayer works, and the best and easiest recipes.

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