How to unlock A Rift in Time in Disney Dreamlight Valley & start expansion

How to unlock A Rift in Time in Disney Dreamlight Valley & start expansion
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Alongside a free content update that adds multiplayer capabilities and Jack Skellington, Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Rift in Time expansion is paid content that has new areas to explore in the form of Eternity Isle, but how do you get the DLC started?

Once you've purchased the A Rift in Time DLC content for Disney Dreamlight Valley, the next step comes with making sure you're all up to speed on how you can access it all - and while there aren't too many requirements that need to be completed, you may not be able to hop in right out of the gate, either.

How to start A Rift in Time expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get started with the DLC, you'll first have to finish a specific set of quests, which are listed below:

  • Goofy's 'Fishing Expedition' quest
  • Merlin's 'The Dream Castle' quest
  • Scrooge's 'Making Cents of Things' and 'Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening' quests

Once those are completed, on the right-hand side of the bridge leading up to the Dream Castle, a stone podium will appear in the location we've circled below:

Screenshot of a player with a circle on the map showing the location of Jafar's hologram pedestal
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If you've already played lots of the game and have these completed, the Rift in Time expansion starts as soon as you load in, you'll appear right outside of the Dream Castle where a hologram of Jafar will appear on the podium:

A hologram of Jafar in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Introducing himself as the "Royal Vizier of Dreamlight Valley", you'll get a cutscene that shows off certain areas of Eternity Isle - the new area within the expansion.

He'll mention that you'll need to venture there and free him, where he'll ask you to then find none other than everyone's favourite wizard, Merlin. This will kick off a short and sweet questline that'll get you on your way to Eternity Isle quicker than you can say 'Jiminy Cricket'.

Completing The Port of Many Worlds quest

Following The Port of Many Worlds quest appearing on your HUD, next, open up your mini-map, locate where Merlin is and head off over to speak with him.

During the conversation, he'll tell you of a "hidden place in Dreamlight Valley" that allows you to reach places within the "farthest reaches of this world".

Door to the port of many worlds in disney dreamlight valley
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Having spoken with him, you'll then need to head into the Dream Castle, and up the stairs to the left, where Merlin will be waiting for you by a half-opened iron gate

  • Speak with him, and then head through the gate, where you'll reach an area that has different 'docks' leading off of it known as Stardust Port
  • Chat to Merlin once more, and you'll then need to head off to Eternity Isle

How to get to Eternity Isle

Completing the last step on the path to accessing the A Rift in Time content is straightforward because now all you need to do is approach the Ancient Vessel, which is located on the right-hand side of Stardust Port.

Look for the boat shown in the image below, press 'Enter' and you'll be off to Eternity Isle in no time:

The Ancient Vessel in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Next, you'll get a little cutscene of the world, showing off the new biomes and all that can be found there. 

You'll speak to Jafar on another pedestal once more in his hologram form, where he'll then go over what he's dubbed as the 'Splinters of Fate', which effectively seem to be Eternity Isle's version of Night Thorns - as they're removed in exactly the same way.

With that, you'll be right at the beginning of the Rift of Time expansion content for Disney Dreamlight Valley and can kick off your adventure.

Note: I've found that you can also go to and from Eternity Isle as you so choose, heading back to the Valley whenever you need and vice versa, as there are fast travel points located throughout the world there as well. 

For more guides, our Disney Dreamlight Valley homepage has all of the tips you need, from the latest redeemable codes to whether you can sell furniture or the best recipes to make in-game.

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