How to unlock & play Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to unlock & play Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Scramblecoin is a new board game that can be played within Disney Dreamlight Valley if you own the A Rift in Time expansion pass, but to get started, you'll first need to complete a couple of steps to jump in.

Minigames within video games aren't uncommon nowadays, from The Witcher 3's Gwent to Orlog in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, each of which comes with its own unique rules to get stuck into. 

If you're a board game fan like me, Scramblecoin is a brilliant little side activity to complete in the game when you're looking for a break from Dreamlight Valley's endless questing - and aside from those with a competitive edge, there are lots of pieces that can be unlocked to keep it feeling fresh.

How to unlock Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Scramblecoin, you'll first need to get started with the paid DLC and head to Eternity Isle. If you've yet to access it, we've got a guide on how to unlock A Rift in Time - and it's a pretty easy process to do.

Once you're in Eternity Isle and you've started to help Jafar with his requests, you'll reach a point in play when other residents of Dreamlight Valley will start coming over as well to explore. 

Screenshot showing the A Game of Coins quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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It's at this point that a new quest for Mickey Mouse, titled 'A Game of Coins' will become available. 

How to play & complete A Game of Coins quest

Completing the A Game of Coins quest is quite straightforward, as Mickey will mention Scramblecoin to you when speaking with him, where you'll have to beat him in a match.

He'll then give you five figurines of himself, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Scrooge McDuck, and then whisk you away into your first-ever session of the (in my opinion, very fun) boardgame.

The gameboard of Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The way Scramblecoin works is very straightforward, as each game lasts five rounds, with the goal being to collect more coins than your opponent within that time. What's more, Gameloft has a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to play it during your face-off against Mickey.

From my own experience, though, here are some pointers I'd make sure to keep an eye out for when jumping in:

  • You'll have a total of five pieces that you can have on you at any time, but only three of them can be played at once
  • As the game starts, you'll place one down for your first round, another for your second, and so on
  • Each turn has you moving all of your placed pieces on the board, and you can replace another at the start of the round by placing one out of play over top of one that's in play
  • Each of the figures has its own certain characteristics regarding the direction they can be moved, when they can be placed, and where
    • Some even have special abilities that you'll want to consider
  • Silver coins are worth one point, whereas Gold coins are worth three
  • If you don't want to place one of your characters down on the board, there's a 'Skip' button which shows up in the bottom-left of your screen at the start of the turn
  • Make sure to use Scrooge McDuck whenever possible early on, as having him on the board will give you an additional coin at the end of a round

One of the things that I've found most important to consider, though, is when plotting where you're going to move a piece consider if that particular one will move through other coins on the board as well as its final landing point. 

The screenshot below, for example, shows Mickey Mouse's path I planned to take during a game highlighted in gold, which passes through three silver coins, for a total of three points.

Scramblecoin board with a gold highlighted movement path
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How to unlock new Scramblecoin figurines in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As shown in the screenshot below, upon reaching certain milestones, you'll unlock new Scramblecoin figures of residents within your world, like Simba. Each '?' marker will provide you with a new piece once you pass it.

Regardless of whether you win or lose a game of Scramblecoin, you'll earn a specific amount of ranking points which will increase your placement on a very long 'road', meaning that completionists will likely be sinking plenty of time into the whimsical little board game.

All in all, there are 300 rankings in total to pass through, and a total of 22 figurines within that to unlock. 

Rankings shown for Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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All Scramblecoin figurines & how many are there?

While there are 22 figurines to unlock through the ranking system, when visiting the 'Collection' menu in-game, I counted a total of 30.

Some of these are for characters we don't have in the game as villagers as well, like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast and Forky from Toy Story. Here are all of the ones that can currently be unlocked:

Character Play Condition Entry Point
Anna N/A Borders
Cinderella N/A Corners
Cogsworth N/A Borders
Donald Duck N/A Corners
Elsa Turn 2 Borders
EVE Turn 2 Corners
Fairy Godmother N/A Anywhere
Flynn N/A Anywhere
Forky N/A Anywhere
Gaston N/A Borders
Goofy N/A Corners
Kristoff N/A Borders
Lumiere N/A Borders
Merlin Turn 4 Anywhere
Mickey Mouse N/A Borders
Minnie Mouse N/A Borders
Moana N/A Anywhere
Nala N/A Borders
Olaf N/A Anywhere
Pumbaa N/A Borders
Rafiki N/A Corners
Ralph N/A Borders
Rapunzel Turn 3 Anywhere
Remy Turn 2 Borders
Scar Turn 3 Corners
Scrooge McDuck N/A Corners
Simba N/A Borders
Stitch N/A Anywhere
Ursula N/A Anywhere
WALL-E N/A Borders

Alongside the placement details, some figurines also have special abilities, like Rapunzel, WALL-E, and Scrooge McDuck. They also all have a specific kind of movement pattern that they can do, ranging from left to right, diagonal, and in any direction.

Some characters may also be able to move in more than one of these directions. For example, Cogsworth can move in any direction one tile, but two tiles horizontally and vertically.

If more figurines are added to the game in future updates, we'll update you right here, but for now, you'll be well on your way to becoming a Scramblecoin master.

For more guides, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley homepage, where you'll find details on the latest redeemable codes, the best recipes to make, and how to get emeralds.

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