Voice actor debunks GTA 6 rumour: 'Stop messaging me'

Voice actor debunks GTA 6 rumour: 'Stop messaging me'
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4th Jul 2023 10:49

It's the worst-kept secret in gaming history, but as Rockstar Games tinkers in the garage on the next Grand Theft Auto game, the GTA leaks are coming thick and fast. The problem is, with Reddit threads and 4chan being full of supposed leaks, we have to wade through what's real and not. 

Rockstar finally confirmed the game's existence in February 2022, although there's no official word on a GTA 6 release date. Weirdly, plenty of that mythical Project Americas leak is seemingly true, with a massive leak supposedly confirming the existence of a female protagonist. So, who's the lucky lady?

Voice actor debunks GTA 6 involvement

Leslie Lluvet is not Lucia.
by u/mrstupud in GTA6

Although we still haven't seen it, the first GTA 6 trailer supposedly focuses on Lucia. Now Far Cry 6 actor Leslie Lluvet has debunked the wild rumours she'll be playing Lucia. So far, Lluvet's only voice credit is as graffiti artist Zenia in Ubisoft's 2021 game.

Posting on Instagram, Lluvet wrote, "I'm getting bombarded with messages on the new Grand Theft Auto game. I'm not Lucia y'all," said the actress. 'I'm Zenia from Far Cry 6. Stop messaging me people lol.'" We're not sure where the rumour came from, and while it's possible Lluvet is throwing us off the scent, we doubt it.

Rockstar is known for usually casting someone with some sort of fame as its leads, with previous names including Ray Liotta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Steven Ogg. There have technically been female protagonists before in GTA, but with Lucia being the first main one, we're excited to find out who'll be playing her.

What else do we know about GTA 6?

GTA 6 Woman helicopter
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One person we doubt will be back for more is Ogg, having previously downplayed the idea of Trevor returning to his life of crime. As Rockstar seemingly has a mystery VR game on the way, it could be pushing GTA 6 further away. This has led to concerns some players might die before it releases.

In terms of release dates, some have been looking to 2025, with Take-Two Interactive bosses dodging the question. Either way, with it poised to be the most expensive video game ever made and possibly making a billion dollars in its first week, it'll be suitably massive. Whoever is playing Lucia, she'll likely be landing a massive fee. 

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