GTA 5 star on possible GTA 6 Trevor comeback

GTA 5 star on possible GTA 6 Trevor comeback
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Tom Chapman


8th May 2023 15:37

Rockstar Games is galloping toward the next Grand Theft Auto game, and while GTA 6 is still a way off, all eyes are on the franchise's future and what could be the biggest video game of all time.

While GTA has largely honed each game into a standalone story, there are questions about whether some familiar faces will be back for more in GTA 6. With whispers of a Vice City sequel, fans are asking if an aged Tommy Vercetti might return, but he's not the only grizzled gangster who could pop up again.

Steven Ogg discusses Trevor Philips' GTA return

Up there as one of the franchise's best, Steven Ogg's Trevor Philips is about as popular as they come in terms of GTA characters. The career criminal made his debut in GTA V, and with his appearances in GTA Online helping catapult his popularity, he'd be welcome in GTA 6

A clip of Ogg talking about Trevor's return has gone viral on TikTok, with The Walking Dead and Snowpiercer actor saying, he has "no idea," about whether he'll play the role again. Ogg reiterated, "actors are the last to know anything."

Ultimately, Ogg says "So, we'll see," which definitely leaves the door open for GTA 6 but isn't exactly a yes. The GTA Online Drug Wars update directly referenced Trevor, however, the man himself told the Calgary Herald in 2021 how he wanted to explore other roles other than "the crazy guy, the unpredictable guy."

Steven Ogg has distanced himself from GTA

Trevor Philips GTA V Death
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Ogg has distanced himself from Trevor recently, with him sending one fan an angry rant when they asked him to get into character for a Cameo video. Then again, we imagine Rockstar would pay a pretty penny to have him back.

At least we know Trevor is still alive following the events of GTA V. Even though the Option A ending has Trevor going down in a blaze of infamy with a gas tanker explosion, this has been rendered non-canon, and a 2021 GTA Online update confirmed both Trevor and Michael survived - canonising the Option C ending. 

It looks like those leaks of a brother and sister duo being the protagonists of GTA 6 are on the money, with a female Latina called Lucia apparently being one of them. That doesn't mean we won't see Trevor, and with rumours of multiple cities, that conniving con man could easily find a place in this new world.

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